Why Mother’s Words Mean the World for the Kids?

Mother’s words are the first thing the baby hears after it’s born. It’s the most magical moment every woman should experience. When I got my son in my hands, I couldn’t believe that something like that could get out of me.

I mean, I knew what will happen from the others, but it’s different and surprising when you experience it.

This story is about a mother who heard about an experiment from England. It was more of a ritual that the parents of ill children were conducting every single night. When the child falls asleep, they waited for the active phase of sleep to occur and spoke these simple words to their child:

’I love you. I’m proud of you. I’m glad that you’re my child. You’re the best child to me.’

The results of this ritual were compared with the other kids who received the same diagnosis but without the mother’s words.

“The children who were listening to the mother’s love words recovered much faster.”

It’s amazing how the mind stays active even when it’s deep into the dreams.

Back the mother.

She said okay, let’s try this. What could I use?


It’s cheap. It’s easy, and the treatment is always here when you need it. She says that it’s all about improvising and five years later, she still whispers different words to her kids every night.

What do these mother’s words give?

  • The Feeling of intimacy

According to the mother, this is the best feeling and can’t be compared with anything. She never leaves out the opportunity to hug them out and tell them things which are important to both of them.

  • One-on-One time with every child

There is no much quality time spent during the day with the kids. They have their interests, and you have your work and family responsibilities. That’s why these moments at night are special.

  • Sharing something important with them

Sometimes the disagreements and other circumstances are bigger and lead to misbehaving. However, when she whispers these mother’s words to them and tell how much she loves them, everything disappears.

  • Kids feel the love

They feel it and don’t know what to do with the excitement. When this mother said to her child: ’Do you know that if I could choose from all the children in the world, I would have chosen you?’ he was so excited that he couldn’t stop repeating the words and asking if this was true.

It’s vital for the parents to love the kids the way they are and let them know they are special.

Mother’s Words
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What are the phrases this mother usually uses?

Here are the most common ones:

  • ’I’m your mother, and you’re my child.’ This can help if you are not feeling an emotional connection with your child.
  • ’I give; you take.’ It’s about the circulation of energy in the family.
  • ’You don’t have to do anything for me. I love you the way you are.’ It’s about finding one’s way in life.
  • ’Dad and I love you so much. You’re our child.’
  • ’You’re just like your father.’ ’Your father is the best dad for you.’
  • ’I’m sorry.’
  • ’I’m proud of you.’ Especially if you tried to impose your vision of your child’s future on him or her.
  • ’I love you.’

It’s like feeding them love subconsciously.

How to choose the right phrases at the right moment?

Speak from your heart. You can try different mother’s words and monitor your kid slowly to see how he reacted the other day. This mother noticed that if she uses a phrase that’s important for her at the moment, it causes a relief in the kid.

The same thing goes when she let her kids hear what they want to hear.

One of the best things is to tell your kids that you love them during the day for no reason. That’s because you can. Let them know!

What could be simpler than these words? You feel the love why not letting it out?

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Did you tell your kids that you love them today?

Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. Mother’s love is everything in this world.

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