Almost every child goes through a phase where they start disliking school. Whether it is the anxiety associated with entering another grade or the fear of a new teacher, there may be multiple reasons for a child to dread going to school all of a sudden. 

Fortunately, many of these reasons are nothing to worry about – these are the problems every kid faces at some point during their school lives. In fact, if you recall, you might have experienced the same troubles as a child. As long as you, as a parent, know how to tackle these problems smartly, you can help your kid return to his usual, school-loving self again in no time. 

To assist you, we have compiled the most common reasons why kids hate school and the best strategies to deal with them:


Some children fall behind their classmates academically due to learning difficulties, no matter how hard they try. For them, school becomes nothing but a frustrating experience as they always find themselves struggling to keep up with the teacher, finishing their assignments on time, and meeting the performance standards expected from them. They may continuously complain that they have trouble paying attention, staying focused, or remembering what they have been taught.  

How you can help: Some learning difficulties stem from physical problems. Vision problems are common among kids. If your child complains of headaches, nausea, or sensitive eyes, a visual examination is a good idea to identify any problem. Hearing problems could also be a cause of learning difficulties as the child may not understand what the teacher is saying to them. Alternatively, if you suspect that your child is falling behind due to a learning disability, you should consult a psychologist to determine if this is the case. 

It is worth mentioning here that students who struggle to perform at school find an online high school diploma an excellent alternative; it allows them to study at their own pace without the pressure of falling behind their peers. The standard school environment doesn’t necessarily work for every student – some students tend to perform better when given the flexibility to learn in a way that suits them. 


All teachers have their unique teaching styles and ways of interacting with students. While your child may get along exceptionally well with some teachers, he/she may have trouble learning from others. Not every child-teacher relationship is perfect, and failure to foster a positive relationship with certain teachers can cause a child to feel distressed at school. They may find it challenging to maintain their academic performance in that subject and may detest going to school in general. 

How you can help: Have a chat with the teacher and ask what could be the reason for the child lacking in their subject. You can discuss possible ways to spark the child’s interest, such as trying a different seating arrangement, encouraging the child to participate more, or perhaps the teacher offering some individual attention to your child to resolve his issues. 


Many kids dislike school when they don’t have any friends or suffer from bullying. Bullying is a severe and common problem in schools today; it can have long-lasting effects on a child and significantly damage their self-esteem. If your child doesn’t have many friends, seems overly anxious or quiet, and refuses to go to school, the problem could be bullying. Bullying can affect a child mentally, emotionally, and physically and even result in suicidal thoughts.

How you can help: Talk to your child about how they feel and encourage them to tell you or a trusted teacher at school if someone bullies them. You should also teach them to be assertive and avoid being alone or in places where the bully is most likely to hang out. If your child seems excessively disturbed due to bullying, consider discussing the issue with the principal as well as consulting a licensed child psychologist.  


One of the main reasons for children to dislike school is that they hate homework. While many schools have a no-homework policy for the early grades, it is inevitable for students in their senior years. Students struggle with homework for many reasons. Firstly, it takes away their free time after school, which they would much rather spend relaxing, hanging out with friends. Then those with learning difficulties may find it troublesome to complete a given task without any assistance. 

How you can help: If your kid struggles with homework, help them come up with a homework routine every evening. Ask them when, how, and for how long they would like to study every evening and then make sure they have a quiet space, free of distractions to get to it. Once they complete it, let them have some freedom to indulge in any activity they enjoy. If your kid regularly struggles to complete homework due to learning difficulties, discuss it with their teacher that what kind of support you should provide as a parent. 


There can be a million reasons for your child to hate school, but these are a few most common ones that you will find. While most kids will tell you from time to time that they hate school and do not want to go back, such feelings are usually temporary. Still, it is your responsibility, being a parent, to always be there for your child. You should sit down with them regularly and ask them about any problems they have at school. You need to play your part in making school a fun experience for your child, rather than a stressful one. 

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