Why is it so Bad for You to Drink Iced Water?

Iced water is probably more used during the summer periods of time.

You won’t believe, but I know a few people who drink iced water during winter. Oh yes. My father is one of them.

I can’t stand iced water. I can drink water from the refrigerator during summer. But that’s really rare.

I use ice it in my smoothies but only to cool down the drink.

From too cold water or iced water I get a sore throat. That’s why I do my best to avoid it.

But that’s just me. What people don’t understand is that cold water is bad for your health.


Why is it so Bad for You to Drink Iced Water?

This source says that ice water can be really harmful because it attacks the digestive functions in your body.

Maybe “attacks” is a strong word, but I wanted to make sure you will understand the danger.

If you are using iced water during a meal, you need to know that it slows down the proper digestive functions of your body.

Plus, did you know that your body warms the water or iced beverage right after you drink it?

Oh yes. And it uses energy to do that, too.

Your body needs that energy to digest the food. So, drinking cold water interferes with your digestive functions.

Instead of digesting the food, your system pays more attention to warm up the iced water.

Here is what happens in your body when you drink Iced water:

  •      It constricts your blood vessels
  •      Slows down the digestion and impedes the hydration of your body
  •      Instead absorbing the needed nutrients from food, your digestive system uses energy to regulate the temperature of the water.
  •      Affects the immune system. Iced water after a meal creates mucus in the body, which wakes up the functions of your immune system. This leads to colds and illness.
  •      Drinking iced water right after you eat a meal, the temperature of the water will solidify the fats from the food that you have eaten. This makes it even harder to digest the unnecessary fats from your body.

What does it tell you?

As you can see iced water was never good. Try drinking water on room temperature.

If you want to drink cold water at least try drinking it 2 or 3 degrees colder than the room’s temperature.

Otherwise you will feel the consequences of iced water.

It’s your choice.

Source: Just Natural Life

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