Why is it a Great Idea to Use Limestone Tiles for Flooring?

Wood, Marble, Mosaic, and Brick are some of the most common and affordable flooring options for homes. However, with naturally available materials gaining popularity, stone flooring is becoming increasingly popular.

Out of all the stone flooring options, limestone tile is the most common. The natural and earthly appeal is enough to add a distinct charm to the room. Although it is more common in balconies, terraces, walkways, and patio, it is now being used for the interior.

If you, too, are considering natural stone flooring for your home, here’s why limestone tiles are the best bet.


Limestone tiles are made from sedimentary rocks found at the sea beds. It is pressurized and porous, which gives its lasting quality. They are hard and don’t wear easily. Even though they are not as hard as marble, limestone tiles can last a long time, even in busy areas with the right seal. They’re a great alternative to wood, vinyl, or porcelain. Plus, they feel soft to the feet and are comfortable to walk barefoot.


If you’re looking for an earthy feeling, a warm yet polished look to the environment, look no further than limestone. It’s available in varied colors and styles. Natural minerals that settle on the earth’s surface for thousands of years give it its natural and rustic charm.

Use sanded indoors for a polished look and leave it in its natural rough state outdoors for that old-world rustic charm. The beauty and versatility of limestone are simply undeniable.


Limestone is quite reasonable compared to other natural stone flooring options like marble and granite thanks to its easy availability and ease of use. Moreover, it’s beautiful and natural appearance is sure to take your home décor up a notch.

What’s more, natural stone flooring boosts the value of any property and appeals to potential buyers. Limestone is the most reasonable of all-natural flooring options, can add to your resale value, and fetch you a good price in return for a small investment.


Limestone muted earth tones lend itself to any home decor. It is available in shades like brown, cream, beige, yellow, and soft grey so you can take your pick for any area of your home, whether it is home interiors, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, patio, or walkway. You are sure to find something you like.

Plus, it can be installed in a variety of design patterns. Even though it’s generally installed in a classic square pattern, it can also be done in a mixed Versailles or the modern chevron pattern to pique the viewer’s interest. It can be sanded for a polished look or used as it is for a natural rustic appeal. Few other natural stone flooring comes with as much versatility.


Limestone tiles are low maintenance compared to other flooring options like wood and vinyl that are prone to rot, termites, etc. Limestone naturally has a high resistance to bacterial and mold, making it a perfect flooring option for outdoors. Though, few people might argue that limestone is susceptible to spills and stains, and therefore, not suitable for kitchens or bathrooms.

A simple solution to this is to use stone-safe limestone cleaner to clean it from time to time. Moreover, resealing can prevent damage from spills, etc. That’s not asking for a lot at all, considering it takes your home décor several notches higher with its beautiful classic look without burning hole in your pockets.

Laying Limestone Tiles

Of course, limestone tiles are versatile and can be used in any design pattern. It’s important to note that this isn’t a DIY project.

If you’ve decided to use limestone flooring for your home, you should call an expert for the installation. They will come, take a look at the area, and give you an estimate. They’re the experts at it and can suggest design and color options that don’t just suit your taste but would appeal to the visitors.

If you don’t want the classic square tile pattern, they can suggest the different patterns possible as they have the necessary tools to carry out the job. Whether it’s to redo your old flooring or use it on the firewalls, along the front porch or any location, make sure you discuss your ideas with installers as they are professionals in the field and know how to use the natural stone best and in what locations.

Final Thoughts

If you like the look and feel of limestone tiles, you’re in for a treat. It’s a beautiful, timeless, and classic material that has stood the test of time and lends an elegant look with a warm, welcoming feel to your abode.

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