Why is CBD beneficial for athletes?

There are several answers to this question … Today, we give you more details about how CBD oil is used in sport. Besides, you can learn more about how CBD became the best natural way to heal and use CBD oil by following this link.

Studies about CBD in sport

CBD is, together with THC, the best known and certainly the most studied cannabinoid. However, unlike THC, CBD has no psychotropic effects and is not considered a doping substance by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). For this reason, athletes often take CBD to improve their sports performance and recovery time after training or competition.

Athletes chase the improvement of their sports performance, the speed of recovery of physical conditions, the return from psycho/physical stress conditions determined by the sporting test, the improvement of the hours of sleep necessary for the recovery of homeostasis, the control of muscle pain and joint, the elimination of DOMS in the days following athletic performance.

In the scientific literature, there are still not many studies capable of giving precise indications about the use of CBD in sport.

CBD and Doping: what does the law say?

What is the connection between Cannabis and doping? The 2016 Rio Olympic Games were the first to have specific regulations regarding Cannabis.

 What does this new norm consist of? 

Ben Nichols, Anti-Doping Agency: “Our information suggests that the new threshold is an attempt to ensure that contextual use is detected in competitions, and not use in the days or weeks before or after.”

In 2013, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) raised the levels of active ingredients in Cannabis for athletes from 15 nanograms per ml to 150, representing positive news for those athletes who prefer to use this product instead of, for example, opiates. Therefore, if found positive for Cannabis within these limits, they will not be disqualified. Indirectly, we also respond to many of our readers/athletes who ask us, “is CBD doping?” … Absolutely ‘NO’ was not before this law as THC is the psychoactive element, and it is not so, especially now in the light of this new norm.

Today, many athletes regularly use CBD to relieve their muscle pains after competitions or demanding training sessions.

In which cases can an athlete be expelled? 

An athlete can be expelled if “a performance-enhancing substance has been taken, the substance poses a danger to the athlete’s health or violates the spirit of sport “.

In this sense, Cannabis has initially been a cause of expulsion because it was believed to violate the spirit of sport.

It ends the era in which the sportsmen found positive to Cannabis were removed of titles and medals and put to the media and public pillory, which turned into almost all cases at the end of the career, between loss of credibility and following of the sponsors.

Why should you use CDB oil when training?

CBD interacts with a receptor called TRPV-1. It is a receptor that regulates the perception of pain, inflammation, and body temperature. In addition, it activates the receptors for Adenosine. Thus, they play an essential role in blood flow and cardiovascular function. Many athletes have noticed that CBD helps them find the competitive “flow” or trance during training. Used before a workout in the form of oil, this cannabinoid can improve performance.

In addition, CBD can contribute to muscle recovery after exercise. Consequently, CBD has the right requirements to become an essential supplement for every athlete.

Subsequently, mainly if applied locally, CBD promotes physical recovery. While CBD doesn’t act exactly like THC, it does have its unique feature. Like other cannabinoids, CBD appears to be able to help the body’s physical recovery. Furthermore, it seems to be able to produce greater “homeostasis”.

For this reason, many athletes are already thinking about how they can incorporate CBD into their current health regimen. However, it clearly does not only apply to professional athletes.

There are many ways to achieve this in a simple way. All it takes is a little organization and a few ingredients. During our journey, we have seen how more and more physiotherapists and athletic trainers recommend CBD oil. Use JustBob’s Full Spectrum CBD oil (collects the full spectrum of cannabinoids) essentially in addition to the benefits listed above. It has a natural gastro-protection and cell renewal action, in addition to the rapid recovering of bone fractures.