Why I chose My First University App for my toddler?

Believe me or not, I tried more than 40 learning apps in Google for my li’l brat. Before downloading any kids’ learning app, I’d look for the recommendations by educators, experts, and parents. It is because not every learning app guarantees a kid-safe content. After doing hours of research, when I successfully download a learning app and give it to her, she glimpses through the menus, hardly give it a try and  easily gets bored and asks for the next download immediately.

Being a mom, my perspective was to give her a learning app which would be more than a game-playing and video-watching device instead teaches my kid something before she steps in preschool. And my kid was asking me to get her an app which was colourful and interesting. Both our hunt came to an end with the download of “My First University”.

This app aims educating the pre-schoolers, Language and Maths in a most interactive and rewarding way I’d say. The math and language learning activities through funny videos and rhymes turned her learning into an enjoyable bonding routine.

It helps her in number recognition and counting. Adding to the fun it has songs, videos, puzzles, colouring pages, and number games.

The language learning is even more fun I should say. It combines images and sounds to make learning language English fun and easy. Games like word searches and letter to sound matching helps her to master the basic of phonics.

Each of their exercise centres on a short narrative or interesting facts which makes her learning a total fun.

My First University app offers her activities are not just plain worksheets, they offer something unique that she couldn’t simply do, learn, or explore in a classroom or the real world. Whilst it encourages her to independently explore, create, and learn.

The best thing which I like more is that, even when she is left alone in home for say some 30 minutes with this app in her hand, it engages her with its interactive, animated and responsive  feature. This app acts as her best companion to beat boredom. Being a mom of a toddler, I found a learning treasure for little darling!

You can download the app on Google Playstore and AppStore

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