Why He Keeps a Tea Bag Inside His Car? Awesome!

Well, that’s odd. I’ve never seen anything like this. I need to say, though. This really makes sense.

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You already know that tea is used as a hot beverage. It helps you with your colds and relieves a sore throat. A cough will vanish if you drink a lot of tea every day.

We all have a favorite tea flavor. Mine is green tea and definitely mixed fruit tea. These are my favorites when I use tea bags to make tea.

Did you know that there are other things you can do with tea bags?

Like this guy right here. He is using tea bags as a natural air freshener in his car. It will help you deodorize the area and cover the smell of other nasty things you didn’t have a chance to throw out.

According to him, these tea bags will last for months. Say goodbye to those expensive air fresheners for your car.

Here is the video that will clear things up.


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Source: blog.auntyacid

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