Why Has Online Fitness Coaching Become So Popular?


The digital world is changing the way we as a humanity function. Our forms of communication have been forever altered as we talk with friends and family located half way across the world. The internet offers a wealth of information that we can access within seconds. Sources of entertainment are endless as consumers have the option to choose from platforms such as Netflix or Stan. It’s no surprise then that businesses have digitalized themselves in order to keep up with the online world. In 2017, Flurry Analytics revealed the use of digital applications related to the health and fitness industry had increased by an outstanding 330% within a three year time frame.

Such growth doesn’t stop there. The fitness industry has also seen a rise in the popularity of online fitness coaching as more people than ever choose a digital alternative to traditional personal coaching. That’s why we’ve created this article to explore what’s behind the growth and what factors are making working with a fitness coach online such a popular choice.

1. Affordability & Accessibility

First and foremost, one of the most fundamental differentiators between traditional personal training and online coaching is the price. It’s not hard for personal training to quickly become an unaffordable expenditure that places financial pressures on your budget. Plus, your training session, advice and guidance is limited to a single session which means you only have a certain amount of time during which you can make the most of your monetary investment. 

On the other hand, online coaching is accessible to you on a 24/7 basis. Regardless of where you’re based in the world, you can reach everything you need to help you achieve your fitness goals at whatever time of the day. Plus, this is all offered for a price far cheaper than the cost of traditional personal training.

Thus, online fitness coaching is not only a super affordable option but it’s also far more accessible. This means you don’t have to wait between sessions to access information about what exercises are best suited to your fitness goals and what food is most nutritious according to your dietary needs and body type.

2. Effective Tracking Of Results

Unlike traditional personal training, online fitness coaching allows results to be tracked in a digital way using advanced technology. Rather than simply feeling as though you are improving your fitness, the digital approach to tracking results means you are relying on a far more objective, credible and accurate method to understanding just how far you’ve progressed within your health.

In being able to effectively and efficiently track your results using digital tools, it becomes far easier to develop a deep understanding of what is working best in your training and what areas need improvement and adjustments. This feedback provides a form of guidance that is fundamental to ensuring you are putting effort into a training schedule that is personalized and suitable to your fitness needs and goals.

3. Communication

While online fitness coaching is appealing for the affordability and accessibility it offers, it’s also a popular option due to the great communication it enables between you and your trainer. Rather than being restricted to contacting your fitness coach during training sessions, an online coach is able to be reached within seconds and thus, far more frequently. This allows you to create a relationship with your trainer that is more effective when it comes to accessing the guidance and support you need.

Without your trainer helping you along the way, it’s easy to pour endless amounts of effort and time towards a fitness schedule that is useless. That’s why being able to communicate with your coach in an easy and professional way is paramount to the success, sustainability and enjoyment of your training.

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