Why Every Home Should Have a Diffuser

Are you looking into purchasing an essential oil diffuser for your home?  If you aren’t and don’t have one, it might be something you should consider!  The uses and benefits of a diffuser expand into all areas of your health and can also provide for a more relaxing home environment.

A diffuser is typically used to fragrance your home.  An ultrasonic diffuser is also used to return moisture to the air through small amounts of humidification.  This is the best type of diffuser to choose as it is safe and effective for all of the following purposes.

Your health.

Diffusing in your home or office is a great way to keep the germs at bay and maintain a healthy respiratory system.  The small amount of humidification added to the air keeps your airways moist to protect against bacteria and germs. 

This moisture also reduces inflammation and congestion if you are prone to allergies or breathing disorders. As a bonus, many oils are anti-microbial and can prevent pathogens from reaching your body.

Other oils like eucalyptus can help reduce stuffy sinuses and clean out your airways. In addition to the internal health, having your home humidity around 40% also prevents dry skin. 

Your mood.

Oils alone can completely change your mood.  This is because of the link between the brain and olfactory senses.  You can relax with Lavender, energize with Peppermint, focus with Citrus and calm just about any storm of emotions that may come your way.
But who wants to keep a bottle of oil on them to sniff throughout the day?

By diffusing an oil, at the push of a button, you can help put your body and mind at ease. And choosing your perfect design of diffuser can effect your mood just as much. There are many décor options on the market now so the beauty or applications of your diffuser can help your mood just as much. 

You wouldn’t want to look at a piece of furniture all day that you hate so why should your home accessories be any different? Though material items don’t create happiness, we do feel joy by surrounding ourselves with things we love.

Check out the line by Royal Living for a variety of décor options that also allow you to tailor your diffusing to your needs.

A better alternative.

If you are no stranger to healthy living, you know that burning candles or incense can cause harmful carcinogens, not to mention the smoky after smell. Those with breathing disorders also can’t handle the scents of candles.  Not to mention the added risk of burns or wax spills with small children in the home.

The EPA has noted that the chemical cocktails found in air fresheners are just as harmful.  The VOCs have now been proven to cause headaches, nausea, confusion, severe health problems and have even been linked with death due to asthma.

However, true essential oils are hypoallergenic, so anyone can use them for a better air purification that also provides the emotional support we noted.  Plus, ultrasonic diffusers produce the fragranced mist without heat and typically use an automatic shutoff so you never have to worry about an electronic device being left on.

You can use any scent of your choosing and change them daily to reflect your current mood or need.  Lemon is a great air purifier and everyone loves that crisp clean smell.

You can shop around for hours looking at all of the diffuser options out there-most of which are a cheep plastic that aren’t visually inviting.

Be sure to choose a diffuser that is made with medical grade plastic to diffuse your oils.  The concentration of some oils can be acidic enough to melt other plastic overtime (even with them being mixed with water) so you want to get a quality diffuser the first time.

Plus, don’t forget about the setting options you may want to consider: timer options, LED lighting, mist adjustment and room coverage.

Save time and money and shop the Royal Living line of decorative diffusers with coupon code UDIFFUSE to save 10% on a diffuser you’ll love and that will last.  As a family US company, they ensure quality products and have great customer service, even answering your oil questions.

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