Why Every Business Needs to Market Digitally

In today’s massively connected world, there isn’t a single thing we can’t buy or find for the right price. If you are a business owner and you are not marketing digitally, then you are missing out on a huge potential market and opportunities to expand your business. Digital Marketing is essentially utilizing the internet and online resources such as PC, cellphones, and other digital media platforms to promote your business. It is important to note that digital marketing differentiates itself from online advertising by extending its range to non-internet channels that provide digital media, such as television, cell phones including both SMS and MMS, callback, and on-hold ringtones. 

There are many channels through which your business can reach a customer, here are a few reasons you need to market digitally.


The vast majority of people in the US use cellphones in their daily routine whether it be for checking social media, social networking, news, and many other activities. People spend a great deal of time on their phones and you as a business owner can use this to your advantage. Using ads, email, social media, and text marketing to get yourself and your business in front of your target audience whilst they spend their time on other apps.  

Various channels

Digital marketing allows you the ability to reach the consumer through many different channels. These include SMS (short message service) ads to customers who opt-in to a messaging service. SMS for small businesses is a great way to build customer loyalty and trust, as this is probably the most personal way to message a client. Once you have their approval, be sure not to spam them with messages. Secondly, Social Media is an increasingly popular choice for digital marketing. Social Media is a great way to acquire feedback and input from your customer base to further improve your marketing strategies. Many customers look to find a warm and welcoming face to the company they are looking for so make sure to present your business as very customer service oriented and personable. Other channels include email, blogs, and websites. 


Using online methods to market yourself digitally lets you use various media to do so. People are more likely to buy a product if it is showcased in more than one manner such as photo and video. If a customer is able to see the product being used in a video it appears much more genuine and can seal a sale. Incorporating multiple media types into other methods of advertising is not quite as easy and efficient as it is digitized. 


Every business is looking to make that bottom line figure a little bit larger. Marketing digitally is also a significantly cheaper way to advertise than any other way, significantly reducing your expenses. Depending on the type of digital marketing, prices can vary, but ultimately it doesn’t come close to price for value to other means such as TV or radio. 


Unlike other methods of advertising, digital advertising’s effectiveness can be viewed in real-time and tweaked accordingly. With other methods, you are stuck with the final cut and that is aired until otherwise changed and making a new edit can be very costly. In digital marketing, everything can be altered with a few strokes of the keyboard. 


Customers like to feel special. Being able to interact online and provide a response to their feedback and vice versa will create a sense of trust and loyalty. Taking the time to speak and interact with clients and customers can go a long way in expanding and growing your business.

Authority Figure

If your business is a niche subject and you are quite knowledgeable on the subject it would be worth your time to spend it answering and helping customers online with your business tag of course. Building brand recognition with useful and helpful posts builds your company as the authority figure on the subject. This makes it easy to make sales as the customers are trusting of your opinion and judgment due to your knowledge displayed online.

Overall, it is vitally important to market yourself digitally in some way. If you are not taking advantage of digital marketing, your business is certainly losing out on many potential customers. The various channels available to you and the adaptability of digital marketing make the obvious decision when making advertising choices. Being able to interact with and assist your customers will paint your business in a more personable light and helps your brand become more likable. Above all Digital Marketing is one of the cheaper options when it comes to advertising which will be a great bonus to your bottom line. Keep these options in mind next time you are thinking of how to target your audience to increase your sales. 

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