Why do I keep losing at online slots?

For every gambler, winning a game is crucial. The energy and positivity taken to a game session are dashed when such games don’t lead to cash out – play Book of Oz slot.

This always leads to curiosity on the part of the players to know why they didn’t win. If it becomes frequent, they want to know what they’re doing wrong and how they can get it right. Several factors could lead to losing perpetually at online slots. Although this is not good for the player, it is important to be checked. Do you want to know more about this? Then keep scrolling. 

Random Number Generator At Online Slots

The core determinant of whether a player will win or lose at a slot is the RNG. Old slot machines used to function with reels, but since computerised slot machines have been introduced, the RNG has become a determiner. 

RNG is a machine generating numbers ranging from 1 to billions every second. These numbers determine the reels positioning in a slot machine. So what does this mean for a player?. It means that you might do everything right at online slots and still not win. This is not your fault, you know. It’s the RNG and the luck it brings you. 

Factor To Consider When Choosing Online Slots

The RNG is a thing; the other is that online slots may also be a reason why you’re winning or losing at a casino. 

Regulations and Security: Certain agencies must certify an online slot before it brings business. These agencies certify for legitimacy and fairness. For example, eCOGRA is very popular to certify whether a casino is fair or is a cheat. One of the reasons you may be losing at online slots is if it’s not legit or it’s a scam platform. Some people purposely build slots to defraud people of their money. Once you don’t see any of Malta Gaming UKGC, eCOGRA, Curacao Gaming, you should not put your money in there. 

Online Slots Game Strategy

Although some games like Mega Moolah are known to give huge jackpots, it still depends on knowing how to play it. The game you want to play, are you familiar with it? Playing a game that you don’t know the strategy for may make you lose your money. Since you would be playing without any knowledge of the game, you should use the free play mode before putting real cash into a game.  


The luck of winning on a casino depends not on how much time you’ve played or spun but for RNG to bring out your winning number on the reels. Funnily, it can keep rolling for days without hitting any wins as the machine has been programmed to work for a long term. You may be lucky to win on your first win or your 50th. The chances of getting it right might be 1 to 20,000. If after you’ve tied all loose ends and you still keep losing, maybe it’s time to take some break from gambling and resume later.