Why Clean Drinking Water is Hard to Find

It is just as important to hydrate while traveling as it is to hydrate when you are at home. But when you are traveling, your access to clean drinking water may be unpredictable. That is why traveling with a water bottle with a filter in it is such a smart choice. A personal, filtered bottle will serve you well whether you are visiting a big city, a remote mountaintop, or somewhere in between.

In some countries outside of the United States, the infrastructure necessary to deliver clean water to the population just doesn’t exist. Some governments are unable to figure out how to equitably distribute resources like water to a growing number of people. Climate change in certain areas of the world has caused droughts that reduced the amount of available water and floods that have corrupted otherwise clean water sources with bacteria.

If you are traveling far away from home, you might not be able to accurately determine how clean the water is or even what the standard is for clean drinking water. Montezuma’s revenge is a well-known euphemism for the digestive distress that comes from drinking water with unfamiliar bacteria in it while traveling.

Make Use of Your Water Bottle Instead of Continually Purchasing Bottled Water

Traveling with your own personal water bottle makes good sense for the environment. Millions of plastic bottles for water and other beverages end up in landfills every day in the United States. Producing and filling water bottles leaves a large carbon footprint behind. It is estimated that it takes three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled drinking water. In the U.S., 1.5 million barrels of oil are used each year just to manufacture plastic water bottles.

There is also no guarantee that just because the water is in a plastic bottle that it is the best water available to drink. The United States Environmental Protection Agency regulates the safety of the water that comes from the tap. The United States Food and Drug Administration is responsible for the quality and truthful labeling of bottled water. But there are no rules in the U.S. that require bottled water to be safer than tap water. And it is estimated that twenty-five percent of bottled water simply taps water. Coca-Cola’s Dasani brand is an example of bottled water that comes from a tap.

Instead of leaving a trail of plastic bottles behind you wherever you go, travel with your own filtered water bottle. You will know for sure that any harmful bacteria have been removed by the filter. You will also know that your reusable bottle is not joining millions of disposable water bottles that are languishing in landfills.

Carrying a water bottle with its own filtration system is much easier than boiling water for safety when you are on the go.

Some of the Best Water Bottles on the Market

The very best water bottles for traveling come with filters that remove potentially harmful bacteria without stripping the water of healthy minerals. Aquaspace water systems are based on science from NASA for filtering water for astronauts. That is how the company got its name. We filter water, or aqua, based on scientific techniques for space travel.

The AQUASPACE SURVIVOR water bottle is specially designed for travel. It has a unique double filter that removes 99 percent of the contaminants in water. It removes parasites, pesticides, and lead in water and greatly improves the taste and smell. The special carbon filter is replaceable.

The SURVIVOR is a great bottle to take with you every day for water on the go, but it is particularly useful when traveling. The SURVIVOR works with tap water, municipal water, well water, and sources of freshwater like streams and lakes. It improves the taste and safety of water in big-city water fountains as well as it works at remote campsites.

In the case of hurricanes or flooding, the SURVIVOR water bottle is an easy and portable way to fight against water systems that may be compromised by bacteria.

The AQUABUDDY is the first portable water bottle of its kind to incorporate three different strategies for better tasting, healthier water. The AQUASPACE filter removes bacteria and chemicals from the water without stripping it of minerals. But the AQUABUDDY also contains an ION compound that raises the pH level of the water. The result is alkaline water with extra antioxidants. The third technology is the use of AQUATOMIC Hydrating Magnets that help the body hydrate more quickly with less liquid.

The AQUABUDDY has easy to replace filters and a slim design that fits in cupholders. Like all AQUASPACE products, this portable bottle is BPA and phthalate-free.

The AQUATOMIC water bottle is made from stainless steel and comes with a carrying bag to keep water cold throughout the day. The carrying bag has a handle, a strap, and six neodymium magnets that declutter the water. Decluttering water makes it more bio-available to the body, so it is absorbed more quickly and efficiently. The AQUATOMIC is designed to keep already filtered water cold and fresh while you are on the go.

All AQUASPACE travel water bottles are designed with convenience, good health, and the state of the planet in mind. Our bottles are easy to take with you on the go whether you are staying close to home or going somewhere across the globe. Our technology is based on the very same science that provided clean water for astronauts in space. Our filters remove harmful things like pesticides and parasites from the water without getting rid of healthy minerals.

You will use your AQUASPACE water bottle repeatedly and break the habit of tossing single-use plastic bottles into the trash. Less plastic in landfills means less plastic in the ocean. Whenever you choose an AQUASPACE reusable water bottle, you are making the choice of delicious, clean, healthy water for your body.

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