Why Choose Quality Glasses? 7 Reasons To Buy Good Glasses:

Choosing good sunglasses as well as prescription glasses is not an easy task. As you all know, new brands of glasses have entered the market in recent years. Especially cheap glasses, called low cost you can get it online from the The growth of electronic commerce has favored the supply of products and access to information, all this is fine … but also to increase the number of ads and advertising messages.

Every day we are bombarded with incredible discounts; for lenses, frames and even free glasses for our children.

What is bad eyeglass?

We want to clarify that for us a bad eye is not necessarily cheap eyewear, but when we pay more for something that is not worth it. Why are $30 glasses not the same as a $300 glasses? The same happens with lenses or (wrongly called crystals) for your glasses. This also happens with the offers for our lenses, especially with the progressive and monofocal lenses.

If you come across an offer of high-end progressive lenses for $150, they are simply not telling you the truth.

In short, the price has to come associated with the real characteristics of the product and not because they tell us that it is; premium, high-end, brand glasses, totally subjective concepts.

It is very curious to see how all the products are premium, luxury, high range, VIP etc…

The 7 differences between a good and bad glasses are:

1) Durability

Good glasses simply last longer; Does it seem obvious, no? Good glasses last longer, simply because they are better constructed. The manufacturing processes of good glasses surpass very demanding tests of both strength and hardness. This guarantees that they will not simply break or deform with proper use, thus lengthening their useful life.

2) The goggle material

Titanium and acetate are the ideal materials for making good glasses. Exotic materials such as; gold, 3D printing, recycled, wood or even buffalo horns. eye! The materials of the glasses have to be 100% pure and not alloys mixed with other materials not so good, such as plastic or nickel.

For example, when you are offered a spectacle of less than $100, made by hand, acetate simply mistrusts. Nobody gives “pesetas” hard. Probably, the percentage of acetate is less than 20%, the rest is injected plastic.

Low-quality metals, such as nickel, can irritate the skin and can bend more easily, and it is practically impossible for the glasses to fit well to your face and nose. The low quality plastics also break more easily: the hinges can be separated, or broken by a slight impact.

The bad glasses are made more fragile, cheap and lower quality materials.

3) Frame design

The good glasses are also better designed, the hinges are infinitely more resistant with multiple points of reinforcement, which helps the frame to stay firm and well-adjusted to our face.

4) Glasses with Official Guarantee

Bad glasses are not only prone to damage and breakage but also tend to be bad guarantees. The brands of good glasses offer better guarantees to their customers, both in spare parts, quality failures and advice.

5) The lenses

When glasses are good, so are their lenses. Good lenses, usually come with all the suggested coatings: UV protection, scratch resistance, anti-reflective, photo chromatic, etc … Cheap lenses either renounce these features or offer obsolete, low-quality coatings.

For example, photochromic lenses (those that darken with the sun) of low quality, produce an incorrect light change obstructing the vision instead of helping it.

6) Personality

You are better than anyone to decide what style you want to wear. The glasses is one of the most important accessories to show the aspects you want to highlight your personality. The good glasses are more exclusive, original and mark the fashion trends.

7) Independent Brands vs brand glasses

There is a lot of confusion here too. What is a branded spectacle? We honestly do not know how to answer this question. 🙂 Normally they are brands that buy the licenses for using a name to later mass produce. However, if we know what an independent brand is…

They are small companies, mostly crafts; with a high degree of quality, originality and an exquisite manufacturing process. Its design, identity and exclusivity are clearly superior. In conclusion, a better quality / price clearly superior.

Well we hope that this article has served to better understand some of the characteristics of good glasses.

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