Why Choose a Farmhouse Sink? 7 Reasons You’ll Never Go Back!

You may think that choosing a sink for your new kitchen doesn’t need the same amount of attention that your cabinet design or kitchen gadgets require. On the contrary, choosing the right sink for your kitchen is challenging enough and requires you to calculate all the factors needed to function as the perfect sink that your kitchen deserves. You need a sink that will withstand tough kitchen tasks, holds all your dishes, functions well, and looks aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Enter the Farmhouse Sink, a rural, gorgeous and highly functional sink.

What is a Farmhouse Sink?

Originally, the farmhouse sink was invented to carry a large amount of dishware and water to clean your dishes with. Back in the day, many people didn’t have running water, and so this type of sink was invented so they can carry buckets of water back from the river and place in the sink. Today, the farmhouse sink, also known as the apron front sink, is considered one of the hottest trends in kitchen designs for its aesthetic appeal, ability to carry loads of dishware, and the endless materials it can come in. Below are 7 reasons why you should install a farmhouse sink in your kitchen.

1) It’s very spacious

The beauty of this sink is that it’s deeper and bigger than a traditional sink; they’re able to carry loads of dishware with ease. You can clean anything in this sink and even soak pots and pans. An average farmhouse sink ranges from 20-36 inches wide; it’s ideal if you have a big kitchen.

2) Many materials are available

Farmhouse sinks come in a myriad of choices; you will definitely find the right design for your kitchen. According to the folks at Annie and Oak, farmhouse sinks have the ability to bring that rustic feel in your kitchen. Choose a copper sink or a fireclay option as they’re popular with rustic-style kitchens. If your kitchen is more on the modern design, opt for a stainless steel or porcelain option, or go for the granite or black slate option.

3) It’s highly functional

The design of this sink allows its user to stand directly in front of it without any cabinets or countertops in the way. This of course makes cooking or washing dishes much easier. It also helps with your posture and lessens back strain because you won’t be bending over a countertop to clean dishes.

4) The way its installed

Unlike traditional sinks, the way a farmhouse sink is installed is actually highly useful. These sinks are installed slightly protruding to the front, so any water flowing will land on the floor and not down your cabinets, preventing them from getting damaged. They’re also installed slightly lower than the cabinets to make wiping water from the countertops into the sink much easier.

5) The basin size variation

The farmhouse sink provides endless versatility. You can choose one deep big bowl to carry all your dishware load along with your pots and pans, or you can choose to have two bowls for extreme functionality. Picture this; one bowl is used for the dishware, and the second one is used to wash your vegetables or fruits.

6) Get creative with fixtures

This type of sink allows you to truly go wild with faucet options. Get the authentic nostalgia feel with a country-style faucet that goes well with your rustic theme. Or choose a traditionally-styled faucet to go with your white porcelain sink with matching porcelain handles. The choices are endless when it comes to a kitchen faucet.

7) They’re easy to clean

Even though they come in a variety of styles, knowing how each one can be cleaned will allow you to clean your sink in an easier way. The way the sink is designed will allow you to wipe off any residue crumbs or stains on the back corners easily. A smooth finish like fireclay or stainless steel will make wiping easier as well.

A popular trend that’s here to stay

If you’re looking for a sink that will become your focal point in your kitchen, a farmhouse sink will definitely be a show-stopper. This type of sink is not only trendy and popular among homeowners, it’s also a durable trend that will last for generations to come for its functionality.

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