Why Camping is a Great Post-Covid Travel Option

Camping is one of the most rewarding ways to travel. It gets us out into nature, encourages a healthier way of living, and is essentially one big adventure. As the pandemic restrictions begin to ease, camping is going to be one of the best ways to get out and about. Here’s why camping is a great post-covid travel option.  

It Gets You Back into Nature

With lockdowns taking place across the world, this has been one of the longest periods of time in the history of humanity where most people couldn’t quickly escape into nature. Studies show that a connection with nature makes us happier, healthier, and less stressed. The Japanese even have a phrase for it – shinrin-yoku – which roughly translates to ‘forest bathing’. 

We’ve known for centuries that simply being in nature is good for our wellbeing. And after such a prolonged amount of time where we haven’t been able to explore the nature around us, camping is a great post-covid travel option for those looking to reconnect.  

Increases the Amount of Exercise You’re Getting

While those home workout routines from YouTube got the job done during the lockdown, nothing beats getting active in the great outdoors. Camping out naturally encourages going for long walks, swims, bike rides, and plenty of other activities that keep you fit and healthy. 

Without the modern-day trappings of technology vying for our attention on a camping trip, we’re more likely to get back to a healthier lifestyle full of active days exploring. And that’s very important. 

You Can be Social, or Socially Distant

Travel in the post-covid world will more than likely fall into two different areas of thought. The first kind of traveler will be excited again to be around people, chatting with strangers, and meeting over drinks and a barbecue. Camping is a fantastic way to do all these things. 

The second kind of traveller might be wary of meeting with too many people – and that’s completely fine as well. And while there’s often a social aspect to campsites, it’s also very easy to find some solitude while camping. Whatever kind of travel you’re looking forward to, camping is the answer. 

It Avoids Big Crowds

Even though we just celebrated the fact that camping can be a social kind of travel, we will always have to be careful about the number of people we’re around at once. As we begin to venture out into the world again, there’s going to be some apprehension about big crowds. But in general, camping avoids the number of people you find at hotels, on cruise ships, in airplanes, and being carried around on tour buses. 

You’ll be Encouraged to Think

Camping gives your mind the space to think, process recent events, and find some gratitude where it can. It goes without saying that this is incredibly important for all our mental health, which has suffered over the pandemic. Hotels might tempt you with the distractions of Wi-Fi or Netflix, but generally, there’s neither when you camp. And that’s a good thing, leaving us with the space to spend some time thinking about things. 

But that doesn’t mean camping can’t be glamorous either. Botanex boasts a fantastic range of quality and stylish camping equipment that’ll have you packing the car weeks in advance for your post-covid camping trip.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest news stories to come out of the pandemic is how nature has bounced back while the world was locked down. It brought to our attention just how fragile and beautiful our environment is, and that we should be doing more to protect it. Camping is an easy way to appreciate the natural world, and an easy way to travel responsibly post-covid. 

Environmentally-friendly travel is expected to trend after lockdowns lift, as more people are aware of the impacts that travelling has. And by getting out in and enjoying nature, we’re also more aware of what we’re fighting to save. 

It Improves Our Sleep

Finally, after such a tough period in our lives, a growing body of evidence shows that camping can help improve our sleep. Research has shown that being out in nature helps to reset our internal clocks, which in turn leads to a better night’s sleep. And after such a long time stuck inside, worried, and stressed, getting back to a healthy sleeping pattern in the post-covid world is highly recommended.


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