Why Buying Weight Loss Pills When You Can Make Them?

The only reason why I’m making this post is because of you. Yes, for women who still believe a single chemically produced pill will change your life forever.

Even my grandmother knew these commercials about the pills are here to take your money away.

Nutrition and Exercises are the main things you need to develop in your fight against weight.

The pills you see on TV are probably working, but you will get your weight back as soon as you stop consuming them.

You can’t buy them forever.

I hate when women believe in such things. Seriously. Every time I’m in the mall looking for a piece of clothing, I see approximately 10 to 15 women asking for some weight loss pills.

It’s really rude if I join in and attack the people who are selling those with my knowledge. That’s why I’ll address you all this way.

Before I share with you the method I found, let me say one thing. I’m against pills. I will always be.

The food I eat every day is my pill for managing my personal weight.


It takes time for you to change your opinion and habits. That’s why I found naturally made pills you can do all by yourself.

There is nothing chemical in them and will prepare you to lose weight.

I don’t know if they work. From what I can see, they have a great background. So, you should try them if you want to see whether there will be results or not.

The girl you will see on the video is Ela Gale. She is a huge fan of homemade weight loss pills.

She says that the ingredients she uses for these pills are raising your metabolism while decreasing appetite. It seems legit.

So, what do you need for this recipe?

  •      Cayenne pepper
  •      Turmeric
  •      Cinnamon

The whole process of making these pills is better explained in the video.

You will be led through the process step-by-step.

Get the ingredients and see what Ela is making.

It seems very easy and inexpensive.

I know Ela warned you about the possible side effects of these pills, but I felt that I need to say it again.

Please be extremely careful with the whole process. These pills are here to work and HELP you with weight loss. They won’t do wonders. You still need to do your part exercising for reaching the goals.

One last thing, women who are allergic to these spices, please avoid these pills.

If you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) stay away from these pills, too.

This is only for a test. We have to be careful of it.

Share this with your friends and see what they will say about these natural and homemade pills.

Source: PositiveMed

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