Why A Good Mattress Is So Important To Your Sleep

Sleep deprivation is lethal to your health. It causes daytime sleepiness, which is responsible for a range of issues like road accidents, reduced focus, and lack of energy. Some of the many factors that contribute to sleep deprivation include consuming coffee or alcohol, suffering from insomnia, and others. However, out of the many factors, having a bad mattress is a winning contender. 

If you wake up groggy or have a habit of turning in your sleep so much that you sometimes fall—it could be because of a bad mattress. Having a bad mattress can imply that the mattress is unsupportive to your unique posture and sleeping position or that it uses low-quality materials that restrict ventilation and cause irritation to your skin. 

On the other hand, a good mattress corrects your spine alignment, provides you support and contours according to your body shape, offers ample breathability, and accommodates your entire body seamlessly. We have discussed these factors further in detail below to help you figure out which is the best mattress to sleep on

Good Spinal Alignment

The right mattress will offer you even support throughout your body. In any case, if your lower body does not receive ample support, your spine will suffer. If your spine is not aligned correctly during sleep, you could develop a range of lower-back issues, including severe pain, nerve irritation, and muscle strain. Mattresses that are too soft are not capable of giving your back the correct posture; thereby, you need to look for those that offer you firmness. For instance, spring (coil) mattresses or hybrid mattresses can provide you with a supportive surface. 

Relieve & Prevent Pain

If you wake up every day with a twinge in your back, there is a high possibility that your mattress is the culprit. If your bed is unable to provide you with ample support and correct alignment, you could end up with soreness in your back. Reasons like lack of space, small size, and lousy foam material are top contenders for body ache due to mattress. Some mattresses are also purposefully designed to help you with back issues, and they include specific elements and foams to ensure the same. 

Low-Stress Levels

Increasing your sleep quality with an appropriate and high-quality mattress for yourself will help you do away with unanticipated stress. Some beds are capable of contouring around the specific shape of your body to provide you a snug feeling. With this, you will begin experiencing sound and deep sleep unaffected by minor noises that would otherwise startle you out of sleep. By sleeping like a baby every night, your brain will bathe in enough Serotonin to keep stress miles away from you. 

No Tossing & Turning 

There are two reasons you’re always tossing and turning on your bed—your partner sleeps with you, and their movement interrupts your sleep, or your mattress is not comfortable enough for you! Many great mattresses on the market can make you forget your partner’s sleeping right next to you, by not creating disturbance for you when they move, and vice versa. Many firm mattresses can absorb shock waves during movements, keeping your sleep schedule on time. 

Bye-Bye Allergies

Bad mattresses consist of harmful chemicals and material in them, triggering allergic and Asthmatic reactions in patients. You can find beds that include organic materials, for instance, Latex material. Laying on foam materials that you can find in nature, will reduce your allergic responses, and offer you a good night’s sleep. The density of a right mattress will also keep dust mites away that can often cause your allergies to worsen. You are likely to receive abundant benefits from the correct sleeping mattress by your side. 

Tackle Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are not necessarily a consequence of a weak mattress; you can massively reduce the symptoms of insomnia, sleep apnea, and snoring by choosing the correct mattress. Obstructive sleep disorders develop or worsen because of your partially blocked airways during sleep. This problem is also often spotted in people who have a habit of sleeping on their backs. One of the ways you can avoid this issue and open up your breathing is by choosing a mattress that will provide adequate support to your neck and head. 

Different Types of Mattresses

Do you think it is time for a new mattress? Right now, you can choose from a variety of mattresses that offer a solution to sleeping problems. We have listed the top categories below for your reference:

Memory Foam

White pillow on bed decoration in bedroom interior with table light lamp

To find the perfect comfort and support for combination and side sleepers is a bit of a task. Memory foam mattresses can prove to be an excellent choice for the same, offering abundant care for your sleep and relaxation. It adapts to the shape of your body when you sleep, providing you relief on pressure points. They also usually consist of several layers of foam, that ascertains the mattress does not start sagging soon. 


Innerspring mattresses come internally supported by metal coils or springs. You will receive better support in your sleep, as more springs will be in your mattress’s design. The distribution of coils is another aspect that matters in the build of your mattress, which is directly responsible for making the product conform to your body. 


These mattresses are ideal for most sleeping positions, and they accommodate the body’s size and shape by offering you support and firmness throughout your body. They consist of materials sourced from nature, while most of the memory foam mattresses you find have synthetic materials. Whether you are a back, combination, side or stomach sleeper, you will find ultimate comfort here


No, these mattresses are not made entirely out of the gel. Instead, they come with a layer of cooling gel in a foam mattress, providing you breathability and support to your body. They do a pretty good job of capturing the heat that dissipates from your body at night, keeping you cool and fresh when you doze off. However, they do feel slightly different from the regular memory foam mattresses that you find on the market, so you should check the difference before purchasing either of them. 

Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses come layered with an additional layer of foam or other material that creates a cushiony feeling. Side sleepers generally prefer these mattresses due to the “sinking” effect they provide. They allow your upper body to sink in, encouraging a comfortable alignment. Please note, we do not recommend the pillow-top mattresses to back sleepers for the same reason.

We hope you can find the perfect mattress for yourself with this guide while also understanding the importance of the right bedding in your life.


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