Which Pharmacy Is the Cheapest for Prescriptions?

Looking for the cheapest pharmacy to fill your prescriptions shouldn’t be the time-consuming task that it can sometimes be. After all, both your time and money are precious and you want to be able to get the medications you need without having to empty your savings account.

US News reports that the cost of prescription drugs is rising at an increasing rate. This can cause a lot of stress for those of us who need prescription drugs but can no longer afford them. Let’s take a look at some tips for finding the least expensive way to fill your prescriptions in a timely manner.

Price Differences


The first question that you might have is about differing prices for the same medications at various locations. You’re probably not surprised to learn that prices are different in various locations, even for common over-the-counter medications.

The answer lies with the different pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). These PBMS settle prices between the pharmacy and the drug manufacturers. With so many PBMs and competing pharmacies, medication costs often fluctuate. Everything from cough syrup to heart medication can have varying costs across the spectrum of pharmacies.

Finding the Cheapest Pharmacy

Although it’s easier now with all of our technology, it can sometimes be difficult to find medications at prices that you can afford. Instead of using an app or a search engine, you might need to do some pretty intensive prescription shopping to find the best prices. You may find yourself running around or calling different pharmacies to find the best price.

Often, however, the pharmacist might have trouble giving you medication prices as they may be different depending on savings programs or insurance. You might need to look past traditional drugstores for the lowest prices. Sometimes better prices can be found with grocery stores, variety stores, and large box stores.

The type of medication your doctor prescribes can also play a role in your prescription costs. Brand name drugs are usually more costly than generic drugs. However, generic versions of most medications are often available and the FDA says that they work the same.

One way to save money is to speak with your doctor to see if you can use a generic version of your prescribed medication. Unfortunately, the answer to finding the cheapest pharmacy is not an easy one. With all of the variables that go into setting drug prices, there is no single pharmacy that will stand out as the cheapest across the board. It may be that you will need to try several pharmacies for various medical supplies and prescriptions.

Discount Prices on Specific Medications


Even with insurance, the cost of your medications may be prohibitive. A prescription discount card such as the one offered by America’s Pharmacy may be able to help you save on prescription drugs. America’s Pharmacy can provide you with coupons and discounts to offer prescription savings. With the America’s Pharmacy app, you look for the nearest participating pharmacy and even find out how much you can save on your medications.

Before you purchase your medication, try to check the price of the drug with your insurance. Next, try to check to see how much it would cost with a discount coupon. You might find that your health insurance doesn’t always give the best price for certain medications. By taking full advantage of discount programs and coupons, you will be able to lower your prescription costs and get needed savings.

Pharmacies charge varying prices for all medications and it’s difficult to find that will be the cheapest all-around. Nevertheless, if you do your research, look for prescription discount cards and coupons, and be vigilant, you may be able to save more at the pharmacy.

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