Where to Spend the Winter Holidays in Northern Europe

Some people are devotees to the warm weather, refusing to even consider taking a trip until May rolls around. But, if you’re not afraid of a little cold, then there’s certainly something to be said for embracing the season and enjoying the deep freeze while you can. And when it comes to Northern Europe, some countries are actually better to visit during the winter holidays. From stunning Christmas markets where you can get into the festive spirit and taste some of the local foods in a way you simply couldn’t at any other time of the year to enjoying gorgeous snowy landscapes and the Northern Lights, Northern Europe during the wintertime can be unforgettable. Here are some great destination ideas to consider for the winter holidays.

#1. Iceland:

The name may make it sound like one big ice-cap but in reality, Iceland is actually quite a green country. During the winter, you can expect most of the stunning landscapes to be covered in snow, and there’s plenty to see and explore from the capital city of Reykjavik to the gorgeous, unforgettable countryside, the Northern Lights, ice caves, and glacier hiking. It’s truly a magical winter wonderland that you’ll never forget – but be prepared, visiting the Arctic during the winter is freezing, so be sure to pack suitable clothing for the elements.

#2. Norway:

Northern Norway is a perfect winter wonderland to visit during the colder months, and in fact, it’s not as cold as most people may assume, thanks to the Gulf Stream bringing warmer air up the coast. If you want a trip that guarantees some snow, you may be surprised to hear that Norway’s coast doesn’t always get a lot, but it usually makes an appearance at some point in the winter. It’s ice that is usually the main concern, but don’t worry – Tromso is complete with heated sidewalks to make it easier for you to get around. Winter is also the best time of year to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights in the North of Norway, and you can take part in a wide range of amazing winter activities like dog sledding and snowshoeing. Finally, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Ice Hotel, which melts and is rebuilt every year! Find out more here about trips to Norway –

#3. Russia:

Russia has a reputation for being one of the coldest countries on the planet, and if you’re looking for a truly wintery experience, it’s the perfect choice of destination for your winter holidays. There are several great reasons to pay a visit to Russia in winter – you can almost see a totally different side to this country, with far less tourists in the capitals of Moscow and St Petersburg compared to warmer times of the year, making it easier to get into top attractions thanks to much shorter queues. You can still find several tours running in the cold – view more Moscow tours – And, it’s the perfect time of year to take in and enjoy the festive atmosphere; expect streets muffled with furs, frosted window displays of traditional Cossack hats, and shops and stores decorated with twinkling white Christmas lights. Stalls pop up everywhere selling delicious roasted chestnuts and creamy hot chocolates, and you can hear songs by acapella male choirs from the Russian Orthodox Church, which celebrates Christmas on January 7. If you’re lucky enough to be there over the New Year, you’ll get to enjoy New Year’s Eve – the biggest night of the year in Russia, with citizens holding street parties in the snow.

If you’re looking for a European winter wonderland in which to spend your winter holidays, these three Northern European countries are the perfect fit.

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