Where to Find the Best Birthday Candles Online

Every time we successfully make another journey completely around the sun, it is a time for celebration. Birthdays are always extremely fun to celebrate. It is a day that is all about celebrating one individual and all the things you love about them. 

Time For Birthday Cake

One major part of the celebration is the birthday cake. This cake is always toped with a candle or candles so that the birthday person can make a wish. If you are looking for fun birthday candles online, here are a few options to look at. 

  • Shindigz

This company prides itself on offering everything you need to celebrate anything. This includes a wide selection of birthday decorations and, of course, candles. 

  • Party City

This company is very similar to Shindigz and offers a wide variety of items that can be used to celebrate everything from a graduation to a child’s birthday. This means they also have a large selection of birthday candles to choose from. 

  • The Lake Side Collection

This company offers a wide selection of items and would probably not come to mind when you think of shopping for birthday candles. However, they do sell the Incredible Birthday Candle. This candle is incredible because it opens and spins once it has been lit and will be a huge hit with almost any crowd. 

  • Shop Bakers Nook

This company is known for carrying everything the home baker would need to create beautiful desserts. This includes items that would be used to decorate a birthday cake. You will find a large selection of birthday candles on this website. 

  • Lotus Candles

This company sells the famous lotus candle. When this candle is placed on a birthday cake it looks like a flower bulb before it blooms. Once you light the lotus candle it will bloom and each petal will have a wick on it. 

Think Outside Of The Box

Now all of the websites above have great choices for candles to top a birthday cake. However, this last company I am going to tell you about offers a product that would be a great way to give the person that doesn’t like cake away to still make a birthday wish. 

  • Birthday Co 

This company offers personalized birth date candles. Candles for every birthday are customized to celebrate the unique birthday of an individual. These candles feature many personalizations that are linked to the individual’s astrological sign. This will include their personality description, tarot card, ruling number, ruling planet, and customized scent. 

These candles come in a glass container that is reusable and will burn for up to 80 hrs. 

They are made of all-natural coconut, soy, and apricot wax. The Birthday Co hand pours all their candles right here in the U.S. of A. If you have anyone in your life that loves astrology, this is the perfect gift to get them. They will love using this candle to make birthday wishes over and over. 

Make A Wish… And Blow

Now it is time to get stock up and be ready to celebrate all your loved one’s birthdays. Whether you place that candle on a cake or give them a candle to place in their home it will be time for them to make a wish. 

Remember not to ask anyone what they wished for, because if they tell you it will not come true. Look at all the candles so you can make sure you have the best candles on hand the next time you need them. You can even go ahead and order birth date candles for you and all your loved ones. It will be time to celebrate before you know it.