Where to Find a Job for Aspiring Medical Assistant

The amount of employable job opportunities for medical assistants are expected to increase as much as 24% in 2020. There is a wide variety of fields a medical assistant can place their expertise, and in some cases you may not require an educational background. This is dependant on the facility, as some prefer a certificate as opposed to providing on the job training. If you’re an aspiring medical assistant looking for job opportunities, there are endless industries to look into.

If you’re looking for work in various parts of the country, there are a variety of services that can assist you. A good portion of career opportunities are posted using online services where there is a demand for medical assistants. This method of searching for employment is definitely the most time-effective instead of looking at individual hospital postings.

Physicians clinic

There’s always room for medical assistants in either a physicians clinic in the community or an outpatient clinic at a hospital. Physicians require the aid of medical assistants when it comes to administrative work, or the taking of vitals. Some patient education may be incorporated with duties, or even tasks like working the front desk and handling phone calls. You may be required to administer medication within this field with the proper training.

Mental health

Many jobs can be found in working in mental health for medical assistants. You may be responsible for assessing patients, helping develop their treatment plan, and educating families about the difficulties they are facing. You could be helping with addiction cases or persons who are experiencing depreciated mental health and require treatment. Additional education may be required prior to working in this field, and you’ll want to investigate requirements while reviewing a job application.

Chiropractic offices

While it may not be the first thought that comes to mind, medical assistants play a role in completing tasks within a chiropractic office. They may be needed to perform examinations on patients, as well as distributing knowledge to the public on the benefits of chiropractic therapies. You could be required to educate patients on the treatment options and the costs associated with these. This is a perfect job if you’re looking to find work in alternative therapies as opposed to traditional medical jobs.

Nursing homes/retirement facilities

The amount of nursing homes and retirement facilities have been increasing dramatically in the developed world. As more people are living longer and the population ages, working with the elderly is creating a plethora of job opportunities. Medical assistants working in this field may be taught on medication administration as well as having opportunities to perform injections. Whole holistic care will also take a part of practice as well, as residents are living in these facilities and may need additional assistance outside of a medical perspective.

Hospice care

Working with palliative patients who need end of life care can be morally rewarding work. In hospice care, comfort is based over cure and you’d be responsible for caring for patients and their families emotional needs and not just medical needs. You may also need to administer medications and injections in this field as well, and perform various administration duties. You will meet with patient’s families and go over the future actions to be taken in regards to treatment. If you find fulfillment in providing dignity and respect to those who are dying, hospice care is a good place to put your efforts.

Emergency departments

Medical assistants working in the emergency department perform vital sign assessments and are obligated to perform upkeep on patient histories. Assessing vital signs reduce the amount of time that it will take for patients to be admitted as well as helping triage patients who require immediate assistance. Medical assistants will be required to help the physician with an assorted array of administrative commitments. Medical assistants in this field are the grease on the wheel that ensures that everything is functioning properly.

The Military

If you’re interested in a military career, there are jobs within the army and coast guard that require medical assistants. If you’re planning on applying to the coast guard you’ll be required to obtain a certificate as opposed to on the job training. You’ll still have to complete the two months of basic training and four additional months in medical specialist training. This is an awesome opportunity if you’re looking to travel, be a part of the military and contribute to something you find meaningful.

Medical assistants can work in a variety of industries such as a physicians clinic, in mental health, chiropractic offices, nursing or retirement homes, hospice care, and emergency departments. The options are unlimited, just make sure you do your research in the field and it’s something that you’re equally interested in. There are plenty of job opportunities for you to find work as an aspiring medical assistant. 

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