Where Does Mozilla Store Bookmarks?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular browser choices. On top of being highly customizable and open-source, it combines convenience, safety, and exceptional privacy all in one package. Since releasing its blazing-fast Quantum version in 2017, Firefox retook its place in the digital world’s top browsers. Thanks to its lively community, all Firefox issues are swiftly tackled and fixed, while new and unique features are regularly being released. 

Like any other browser, Firefox allows you to save any web page links on your computer so you can visit them later. They used to be known as Favorites since the early days of Internet Explorer, but they are called Bookmarks in Firefox.   

How to Find Your Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox 

You can bookmark a website anytime for easy access in Mozilla Firefox. Simply click the star icon beside the web address to bookmark the page you’re currently on. If the star is not visible, you can click the menu button (three-dot icon) within the address bar to see the bookmark option. It can then be added by right-clicking Add to bookmarks and selecting the Add to Address bar option.   

Bookmarks Location in the Browser 

In the desktop version, Mozilla Firefox stores all bookmarks in various folders within the Library section.   

  • To see your bookmarks, click the Library icon (the icon resembles three standing books and one slanted book) beside the address bar. 
  • If it’s not visible there, go to the Menu button (three-line icon at the top right) and click on Library
  • Choose Bookmarks and at the bottom, click on Show all bookmarks
  • A Library dialog box appears. Under All bookmarks in the left pane, you’ll see the main bookmark folders. You can choose any one folder, and all bookmarks stored within it will show up in the right pane.   

By default, all bookmarks are stored in the Other Bookmarks folder. Those in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder are displayed in a dedicated toolbar under the address bar for quick access. 

Note: For Android and iOS, simply click the menu button (three-dot/bar icon) and select Bookmark this page or tap the star icon.   

Bookmarks Location in Your Local Drive 

We looked at how and where Firefox stores bookmarks, but where are they stored on your desktop hard drive? All of your data and preferences in Mozilla Firefox, including bookmarks, are stored in a particular folder called a profile. This profile folder is stored in a separate location from the Firefox program. In case of a mishap, your data remains safe and untouched. The procedure below is the same for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.   

  • Click on the menu button (three-line icon) and select the Help option 
  • Select Troubleshooting Information, and a new tab will open.   

Note: You can skip the two steps above. Type about: support in the address bar and hit Enter.   

  • Under the Application Basics table, find the Profile Folder entry in the left column. 
  • Click on the Open Folder button in the Profile Folder row. For Mac, it’s Show in Finder. For Linux, it’s Open Directory
  • The bookmark backups folder stores all backup files, which you can use to restore your bookmarks. 
  • The file places.SQLite contains all your Firefox bookmarks and lists of all the files you’ve downloaded and websites you’ve visited.   

Unfortunately for mobile users, Firefox data stored on the device’s internal storage can only be accessed after rooting or jailbreaking. This procedure can open up its own can of worms and is therefore discouraged for both Android and iOS users.   

To Sum It Up 

Bookmarks have become a standard component of modern browsers, increasing their effectiveness. JavaScript is another component of modern browsing, allowing dynamic functionalities in web pages, thereby greatly enhancing the internet experience. Make sure to visit and check how to turn it on in Mozilla Firefox.

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