Where Does Blue Sandstone Come From?

If you’ve been into crystals for a while now, you’re unlikely to have missed that deep blue variety that’s been popping out everywhere. It’s called a Blue Sandstone, but it also comes in an orange version called Goldstone. This galaxy-resembling stone has become a staple in online shops, particularly at Soul Charms, due to its sparkly nature and unique shine.

Despite also being called a “Star Stone,” this crystal certainly didn’t fall from the sky. So, where did it come from? Read on to discover the origins of this special crystal.

A Brief History of the Blue Sandstone

When exactly the Goldstone and Blue Sandstone were created remains unclear to this day. However, experts believe that these stones can be traced back to 17th century Venice. The Miottis of Venice were the first recorded users of the technique used to make these man-made crystals.

Until Pietro Bigaglia, this method remained mostly a secret from the general population. In the 19th century, this glassmaker introduced the process to the public. Even then, the information still wasn’t able to reach the majority, and most continued believing the sandstone was forged by monks, hence its nickname “Monk’s Gold.”

From a technical standpoint, both the Goldstone and Blue Sandstone are composed of quartz sand. The sand is heated, melted, and combined with other substances, like manganese, cobalt, copper, chromium, or feldspar to create bright, captivating colors.

Despite not being natural, the blue sandstone does have naturally-occurring components. Its natural constituents are responsible for the stone’s beneficial impact on one’s emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Blue Sandstone Uses

Like other dark blue crystals, Blue Sandstone has a particular association with the throat chakra. It’s also drawn towards the crown and heart centers. Furthermore, it serves as a protection stone from negative energy, thanks to its ability to shield you from unwanted toxic vibrations.

The Blue Sandstone is widely accepted as an alternative January birthstone and is generally believed by metaphysical healers to be particularly helpful to those under the Sagittarius zodiac. Due to its resemblance to the night sky, it reminds users that we all share the same universal energy. It reminds us that the sky’s the limit when reaching for our goals.

So, how do you integrate this special crystal into your daily life?

1. Boost Willpower and Confidence

Regarded by many as the “stone of ambition,” the Blue Sandstone is the perfect partner for people with confidence issues. If you lack self-esteem, this stone may just give you what you need. As a stone that stays true to the throat chakra, it vibrates with positive energy to uplift your spirit and boost your mind. This way, you will always feel secure in your own skin and will always live your truth.

Like its willpower-boosting cousins, Aventurine and Tiger’s Eye, the Blue Sandstone also has the ability to boost willpower, courage, and wisdom. The stone also gives you the courage to accept yourself for who you are, making it a great companion on the path to self-discovery.

A beaded bracelet that possesses this crystal can be great for giving you confidence while making decisions. Its high-frequency vibrations make it a manifestation crystal for good fortune and success in all aspects of life.

When going through a major change, the Blue Sandstone proves to be an excellent company, as well. This vibrant stone, when paired with the Moonstone and Opal, can make for a beautiful amulet representing fresh beginnings. It also clears your mind so that you can separate the important things in your life from the unimportant ones.

Some countries refer to this gorgeous glass bead as the Wishing Stone. They believe it has the power to grant you all your heart’s desires. According to them, this power can be enhanced with the incorporation of the Clear Quartz or Selenite during a full moon.

2. Strengthen Vitality and Well-Being

Like Bronzite and Hematite, Blue Sandstone also possesses vitality- and energy-enriching powers. Holistic healers recommend carrying this dark blue stone as a bracelet for reducing stomach discomfort, pain, and inflammation. They also believe it has the ability to alleviate arthritic conditions, circulation problems, and joint and bone pain.

Since it is vibrance-instilling, the Blue Sandstone may also improve your focus and leadership skills. As such, you can help your team work harmoniously and be the best role model for them. As a student, Sandstone jewelry can also be a supportive tool for researching and information gathering.

Get in touch with your third eye with the help of the Blue Sandstone. Like the amethyst, this glorious blue bead can help you connect with your spiritual being, enabling you to see through the true intentions of the people in your life.

In short, this stone is all about moving forward. It can help you move past life’s devastating experiences, from heartbreak to friendship loss.

3. Emotional Support

While the Aquamarine and Rose Quartz are great for providing emotional stability, they still don’t quite come near the Blue Sandstone’s ability. With soothing, calming energy combined with grounding vibration, this magnificent blue bead balances the emotions and nourishes the heart. Holistic therapy practitioners advise wearing a Blue Sandstone crystal necklace right above the heart to experience its emotional benefits.

The Blue Sandstone proves most fitting to empaths because of its ability to protect sensitive energy while unleashing the empathy of those who don’t naturally display it. Its frequency brings out your patience and openness towards people and situations you don’t normally understand.

This stone can also offer relief to people suffering from stress and anxiety. Children who are scared of the dark also feel safer when they carry this beautiful blue bead. You can simply place this piece of glass on top of your bedside table for comfort.

The Power of the Blue Sandstone

Sure, it’s not your typical gemstone for healing, but the Blue Sandstone is very much worth adding to your kit. It merges the higher vibrations of the throat, heart, and crown chakras with the balancing energy of a grinding stone to create a powerful, flexible crystal for you to carry.

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