When to Consider Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures and with recent popularity within the Hollywood community; it has become one of the top cosmetic procedures of all time.

Breast augmentation surgery is primarily done to increase the size of the breast, change the shape, and alter the fullness of their appearance. This procedure is mainly done with the help of saline or silicone implants.

When to Get Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Multiple reasons lead up to the decision of getting breast implants. These reasons vary from person to person based on their personal experiences, however, the top reasons why one considers breast augmentation surgery includes:

  • Enlargement of naturally smaller sized breasts
  • Restoring the breast appearance and size after undergoing pregnancy, losing weight, breastfeeding, and so on.
  • Creating symmetry between breasts that may differ in appearance from one another.
  • Correcting the after-effects of other surgeries on the breasts.
  • Generally improving self-confidence if the breasts are a point of insecurity for the individual.

Types of Breast Implants

It’s essential to be aware of the types of breast implants and the pros and cons before deciding on your breast augmentation surgery. The two variants of breast implants include:

  • Saline-filled Implants
  • Silicone gel-based Implants

Saline Filled Implants

Saline-filled implants are made from a silicone shell and have sterile salt water-filled inside them according to the size and shape of the results.

If this implant happens to leak, it cannot harm your body, and the solution gets absorbed and expelled by your body naturally. However, a drawback of this implant that individuals have reported is the breasts not feeling “natural” after the procedure.

Silicone Gel Based Implants

As the name suggests, silicone gel-based implants are silicone shells filled with silicone gel. These implants feel more “natural” to touch, however, and they pose a significant threat if they happen to leak.

Patients with silicone-filled implants need to get MRI scans and checkups often to ensure that the implants are intact and prevent any complications.

Things You Need to Consider Before Getting a Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery comes with a lot of upkeep and maintenance. You need to be wary of the preventative measures you need to take as well as the possible side effects before moving forward with your decision.

Here are some things you should consider before opting to get breast augmentation surgery:

  • Breast implants will need to be replaced after every 8 to 10 years.
  • You might need to get re-operated in case your body rejects the implant or the procedure is not performed correctly.
  • In the case of complication, your surgery will not be covered by health insurance as breast augmentation surgery falls under the category of cosmetic procedures.
  • Your breasts will not look like the desired result right after the surgery. It takes up to 3 months for your body to heal entirely and reach the shape that you desired.
  • Breast implants might adversely affect your capability to breastfeed your child correctly.
  • The addition of breast implants will not guarantee that your breasts do not sag. There are other procedures you can get done to resolve a sagging issue; however, breast implants cannot help in this scenario.
  • With breast implants, you are at risk of developing breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma which could prove to be fatal in severe cases.


Getting a procedure like breast augmentation surgery is a serious decision to make, and it is crucial that you comprehensively assess the pros and cons before moving forward with the surgery.

Always make sure you get your procedures done from someone well known and reliable and pay extra attention to aftercare.


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