What’s the Proper Sleeping Position If You Are Pregnant?

I call pregnancy “the husband sleeping position”.

I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant with both of my kids, I was using my husband as a pillow.

The proper position is when you feel comfortable. The 9-month period is pretty tough, but all those who gave birth to a healthy child know it’s worth it.

There are lots of things happening to you when you are pregnant. Your skin is different, the menstrual cramps are long gone, your husband is your massager, cook, and everything you’ve ever wanted.

Apparently, we enjoy it.

But, we are going to all agree on one thing. Number one on that list is sleeping.

There are too many things out there that make you feel exhausted. The pain you feel on your back, the 20-minute walk to the toilet to pee, the struggle to find the perfect position and more.

However, sleeping is not the easiest thing in the world when your belly is big enough.

On top of that, your sleeping position is vital for your baby inside of you.

What positions you should avoid?

I was always sleeping on my left side. Somehow I was feeling that my babies are sleeping just like that.

You know… a mother has a powerful mind to know everything while she is pregnant.

So, the position to avoid is sleeping on your back.

I know lots of women who found a comfortable position in sleeping on their backs.

Well, this position contributes to the pain in your back, you have trouble breathing, can cause hemorrhoids and low blood pressure, which leads to less blood circulating to your baby and heart.

As your belly grows bigger and bigger, it’s harder for you to sleep on the stomach.

Many women are used to this position, and they are searching for many ways to “fit in” their stomach and sleep in their favorite position.

So, that’s another one you need to avoid.

What’s the best sleeping position?

My doctor was telling me about the “SOS.” I hope your doctor did the same thing.

It’s the “Sleep on Side” position, but it’s not that easy.

You need to sleep with knees bent on the left side. Give yourself some support because this position will provide you with a hard time maintaining balance.

Place a pillow between your legs, under your abdomen, and at your back. That’s how you achieve that perfect horizontal pose.

You will find comfort right away and will sleep like a baby.

What does it do for you and the baby?

The position removes the possibility of back pain and causes your spine to remain perfect and straight.

Sleeping on the left side increases the nutrients and blood flow that goes directly in the placenta of your baby.

Choosing the right side has its disadvantages, as well. Your liver is on the right side and could cause discomfort on your uterus.

However, if you roll over in the middle of the night, don’t panic. Get the rest you need for you and your baby.

That’s the perfect sleeping position you would want to use during the 9-month period.

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