What’s the Most Popular Type of Vaping Device in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates declared vaping legal in 2019, and smokers across Dubai have latched on to it in a big way. Though the process of legalizing vaping took the UAE a long time, the fact that it took so long means that vapers in Dubai have been able to take advantage of the latest in vaping technology right from the start. In other areas of the world, there was a time when you really had to be determined if you wanted to make the switch to vaping because the early vaping devices were sometimes unreliable and didn’t always taste very good. Vapers in Dubai haven’t had to deal with a difficult transition to vaping because they’ve had great products available to buy as long as vaping has been legal there.

So, when you have access to the best that the world of vaping has to offer, what do you buy when you visit a vape shop like Premium Vape Dubai?

As it turns out, vapers in Dubai overwhelmingly prefer pod systems – and if you’re on the hunt for the best vape in Dubai, you should probably consider getting a pod system as well.

Here’s why.

Pod Systems Are Easy to Use

For a new vaper, the best aspect of pod systems is the fact that they’re designed for simplicity. Many pod systems have no buttons or controls at all. Instead, they use airflow sensors to detect when you inhale. When they detect the change in air pressure, they create vapor automatically. In other cases, a pod system may feature an activation button that lets you choose when the device produces vapor.

The pod in a pod-based vaping system is a disposable component. Some pod systems – such as myblu and JUUL – use pre-filled pods that you buy in packs. To use a vaping device with pre-filled pods, you’ll simply drop a pod into your device and vape. Since vape pods are translucent, you can look at the side of the pod to see how much e-liquid is left. When the pod is empty, it’s time to throw it away. Vaping doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you’d like to use a vaping device that gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of the e-liquid flavor that you use, refillable pod systems are also available. When you use a refillable pod system, you can fill the pod through a hole accessed by removing the pod’s mouthpiece or a rubber stopper. With a refillable pod system, you can usually fill a pod several times before the flavor begins to change. When you start to taste a burned or unpleasant flavor, it’s time to use a new pod. A refillable vape pod can potentially last several weeks, but you’ll experience shorter life than that if you use heavily sweetened e-liquid.

Pod Systems Are Perfect for Smokers Who Want to Switch

One of the biggest reasons why pod vaping systems have become so popular throughout the world is because they’re specifically designed to address the needs of smokers who want to switch to vaping successfully.

One of the reasons why cigarettes are so addictive is because they’re specifically designed by tobacco companies to deliver nicotine incredibly efficiently. Many tobacco companies even go so far as to manipulate the pH of cigarette tobacco, so it delivers nicotine to the body more quickly than unprocessed tobacco. It should come as no surprise, then, that many people who try to quit smoking using traditional nicotine replacement therapies like gum and patches ultimately fail to quit. It’s because traditional nicotine replacement therapies aren’t satisfying enough to combat the cravings.

The most important technological development in vaping over the past several years has been the invention of nicotine salt e-liquid. Before nicotine salt vape juice was developed, the major shortcoming of the tiny cigarette-shaped e-cigarettes was that they didn’t generate enough vapor or deliver enough nicotine to satisfy heavier smokers. Companies were limited in the amount of nicotine they could add to their e-liquid because very high nicotine strengths caused throat irritation.

Nicotine salt e-liquid came out of the idea of adding a mild acid to e-liquid, thus giving the vape juice a less alkaline pH and making the resulting vapor smoother to inhale. For a small vaping device to deliver nicotine about as efficiently as cigarette smoke, it needs to have an e-liquid with a nicotine strength around 50 mg/ml. Before nicotine salt e-liquid was developed, though, it was rare for any e-liquid to have a nicotine strength higher than 18 mg/ml. Nicotine salt e-liquid made it possible to cross the 50 mg/ml threshold while still giving vapers a smooth and pleasurable experience.

Why does the existence of nicotine salt e-liquid matter to you if you’re new to vaping? It’s because people who have already switched successfully to vaping have already adjusted to a lower nicotine intake and don’t need the higher nicotine strengths that nicotine salt e-liquid can provide. If you’re a current smoker or new vaper, nicotine salt vape juice is designed specifically to address your needs – and no vaping device works better with nicotine salt e-liquid than a pod system.

Pod Systems Are Small and Discreet

If you’ve visited a few vape shops and looked at their product selections, you’ve probably noticed that some vaping devices are quite large. Those large devices are called box mods. They’re the most advanced and most powerful devices on the market, and expert vapers love them because they generate huge vapor clouds and have incredibly long battery life.

If you’re new to vaping, though, you’re probably not looking for a vaping device that feels like a brick in your pocket – and that’s one of the reasons why pod systems exist. Pod systems may have smaller batteries, but they’re also incredibly efficient and generally only need to be recharged once per day. The benefit of that efficient design is that you get to enjoy a vaping device that’s small enough to fit in your pocket and go anywhere with you.

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