What’s The Best Workout Plan for Your Body Shape?

I’ve said this a couple of times. If you follow me you know I usually say that we are all different.

Different personality, different plans, different ideas, etc.

When you come to different body shapes I want you to stop. I’m going to share a story with you for that.

In the past when I was losing weight, I had a personal trainer. Now he is my husband.

Two single people with the same mindset. Me as a nutritionist, he as a fitness trainer. The best connection.

He wanted me to be his personal nutritionist until the rest of his life. That’s how he proposed.

Let’s put this happy love story aside. Back then, there was a woman with the same height and weight as me.

She was 1 year older than me.

She was struggling badly while I was showing fantastic results. After a while, the fitness trainer came in with a different program for her.

Within a week, we saw the first major results. She asked what happened and why she is now showing the results.

Our fitness trainer said that she has a different body type.

When I first saw this article I got a flashback of this story. I called her right away to share a thought about it.

Yes, she is one of my best friends.

Now, over to these workout plans.

This could really help you continue in the right direction.

Spoon/Pear Shape Body

That’s the full-bodied bottom and slim abs and arms. Wider hips and thighs, wider bottom, smaller bust and narrower shoulders.

Just like the picture.

– Ideal exercises

  •      Jumping rope or Jumping jacks to increase the pumping of your heart
  •      3 sets – 10 repetitions push ups
  •      Brisk walking with no incline

– Sports

  •      In-line skating

– Fashion Gear

  •      Show your body by wearing fitting shorts and tees

Cone/Apple Body

This body feature slender legs and broad shoulders. The opposite of spoon body type.

– Ideal exercises

  •      Spinning up to 40 minutes
  •      Lunges and squats with weights (3 sets of 10 repetitions)
  •      Reps with light weights
  •      Jumping rope
  •      Slow walking
  •      Stationary biking

– Sports

  •      Tennis for 30 minutes

– Fashion Gear

  •      Shorts to expose those beautifully shaped legs

Ruler (Rectangle)/Athletic Body

The perfect body shape. Evenly proportioned.

– Ideal Exercises

  •      Long distance running (30 minutes)
  •      Sit-ups for strengthening the abs (4×20)
  •      Jumping rope with weighted ropes
  •      Stationary Exercise bikes
  •      Stepping
  •      Elliptical machine

– Sports

  •      Volleyball
  •      Basketball
  •      Stretching and reaching
  •      Long distance swimming
  •      Rollerblading

– Fashion Gear

  •      Loose tanks with Capri yoga pants

Hourglass Body

Curvy chest and hips with narrow waist

– Ideal Exercises

  •      Jumping rope
  •      Stationary bike for 30 minutes
  •      Fast walking with no incline

– Sports

  •      Long distance swimming
  •      Snowboarding
  •      Dancing

– Fashion Gear

  •      Sports bra with great support

You will definitely find yourself here. Try to include this in your workout plan. It could help you gain a lot of benefits and amazing results.

Do you have a friend who is working out? – She will be thankful for this.

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