What’s The Best Tea for Your Blood Type?

Your blood type can hide huge information for how you need to treat yourself going further.

I don’t know how many of you know this, but there are doctors who specialize in blood types and what you need to do according to it.

Going deeper into this subject, you will find really interesting information that could change the way you live.

I’m going to focus on the favorite morning drink for many of you – tea.

Here is how to choose the best tea for you according to your blood type:

Blood Type 0

Stomach acids often bother people with this blood type. It’s recommended for you to drink ginger based tea, green tea, ginseng, and mate. The last one is a very well known substitute for coffee.

Blood Type A

Blood Type A people are very analytical and emotional people. They are vulnerable and prone to stress. This means a higher level of Cortisol (the stress hormone).

Jasmine tea, a mixture of jasmine and green tea, a mixture of thyme and marigold make the best tea for people with this blood type.

Blood Type B

All of you with this blood type have a slow metabolism. This makes you prone to autoimmune diseases, lethargy, obesity, chronic fatigue, and irregular sleep.

The advice for you is to drink organic green tea, young green tea or red Rooibos, immune-mixture from Bose, Rooibos, sage and Lemon Balm.

Blood Type AB

The blood type with decreased libido. You should focus more on specific types of green tea, peony, mint, and rice drinks.

An ideal choice of tea for you is a mixture of mint and green tea.

For men, it’s important to consume a mixture of nettles, Rooibos, and mint.

There you have it. Are you satisfied with the advice for tea your blood type can give to you?

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