What’s the Best MakeUp for Your Face Shape?

Yup. These things do exist.

Over the weekend, I met with my makeup artist. She happens to be my friend. Lucky me.

We had a nice little talk about how things go with our lives, family, job, etc.

We haven’t seen each other for a week. If you have true friends, you already know that’s a lot.

Before we said goodbye, she told me about an argument she had with a client of hers.

The story is really funny when you hear it. However, I don’t think it was funny to my friend or the woman arguing with her back then when it happened.

A woman came to my friend’s studio for her makeup appointment. She came with a picture of a celebrity (I forgot her name).

When my friend tried to explain that makeup like that won’t suit her face shape, the woman got angry and started throwing words at her.

After 10 minutes of arguing, my friend was forced to show her a makeup book that explains face shapes and makeup.

The woman settled down, excused herself and left the makeup salon.

I decided to share this story with you and let you know that there are different face shapes and certain makeup won’t suit all of them.

For that manner, I found the best makeup looks for your face shape. This will help you choose or apply the right makeup for your face.

Let’s do this.

Round Face

Round faces are as wide as they are long. These faces are considered to be more feminine and youthful.

Contouring will pop up your natural beauty.

You need 2 different foundations, but make sure they have similar shades. Apply the lighter shade on your forehead and front area of chin and cheeks.

The next thing you need to do is apply the darker shade on your cheeks and sides of your face and jawline. Once you are done, blend them all towards your hairline and down your neck.

Oval Face

Oval-faced women are already contoured. They need a bronzer. Apply it by drawing the number 3 on your face. Start with your forehead to cheekbones and end up with your chin to accentuate your beautiful features.

Women with this face shape can follow the latest trends without any problem.

Heart Shaped Face

This face shape enjoys in its prominent cheekbones. For exposing them, you need to wear brighter blush and lipstick with neutral eye colors.

Make sure you don’t forget to contour your cheeks and temples to minimize the width of your upper face.


Highlight your forehead, the area under the eyes, and chin to pop up the center of your face.

Extra tip: Use red shades of lipstick and light blush and see what happens.

Diamond Face

Women with this face shape need to use liquid foundation or high-lightening powder to brighten the center of their face.

Apply it in a form of the number 3. Use slightly darker foundation and contour the front of your forehead, jawline, and chin.

Square Shaped Face

These women have strong features. It’s really tricky to apply makeup on them. If you are one of them, you need to focus on lightening all of your features.

Contour your jaw bone while blending towards the ears. This will help you reduce the sharpness of the jawline.

Now, use a blush in a circular motion to make your cheeks perfect. Move the brush towards the temples to create a symmetrical shape.

Get rid of your old and light foundation. Use darker shades of foundation, blush, and powder on your jawline, sides of your forehead and temples.

There you go. Quick tips for getting the most of your makeup and face shape.

I hope this will be helpful for you and your friends.

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Source: Positive Med

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