What Your Windows And Doors Say About Your House

Did you know that your choice of windows and doors usually has a significant impact on your property’s overall value? While many homeowners usually push these two components to the bottom of their home renovation priority lists; recent studies have shown that the quality, construction material, and aesthetic appeal of windows and doors are some of the leading factors that affect the value of houses. If you’re- therefore- looking to sell your property at a good price in the future, it’s high time you upgraded the fenestration. Below, we have compiled a detailed list of the functional and aesthetic roles of doors and windows, and how these could impact upon your house’s asking price.

Visual Appeal

A house with beautifully designed doors and windows is usually more likely to attract more potential buyers than one whose fenestration is poorly done. High quality fenestration is likely to build upon the overall look of your home, which is important, as a visually alluring street-view of your home is usually a major selling point. Your front door design- for instance- is a great way of making a great first impression, as it is the initial point of entry into the house. If you’re going for a glass door, remember to take into account the color and shape of the glass on your windows to avoid ending up with unsightly, color-clashing fenestration. As for the windows, many factors may determine what design you need to go for. Some homes- especially historic homes built before the 20th century- usually call for certain window designs when upgrading, to keep up the integrity of the original architectural design. The material used to construct the windows can also have aesthetic implications. For instance, vinyl-clad wood windows have a striking appearance that incorporates a natural touch to any home’s interior. Your home’s exterior decor also comes into consideration when choosing your windows, as it’s important to choose window colors that blend well with the rest of your curb appeal.`

It is crucial to purchase your doors and windows from brands that guarantee product efficiency in terms of heat-insulation and energy saving capabilities. In addition, ensure to have the doors and windows installed by an experienced installer for optimal heat insulation. This is because poorly-installed windows, or those with no heat insulation properties usually result in abnormally high heating and cooling prices. Having a home that is architecturally designed to minimize energy costs is also a major selling point when you’re looking to sell your house. According to EZ Window Solutions, typical features to look out for when looking to buy energy efficient doors include foam filled frames and high strength glass material. Other important energy efficiency determinants worth checking out prior to purchase include U-factor and the R-value.

As we’ve discussed so far, doors impact your house’s overall appeal and provide an important entry point for people, pets and other items; while the windows are crucial for heat insulation. However, their most crucial role is to safeguard your home’s interior from potential damaging factors like moisture and harsh weather; as the resultant property damage can affect the property’s value. If you’re looking to replace your existing doors and windows with some that are designed to provide maximum protection from moisture damage, reach out to a reliable fenestration installation company in your area for quality services.

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