What You Should Do Before Filing for Divorce

Worldwide, 90 percent of couples will decide to get married before the age of 50. For most people, marriage is a beautiful adventure filled with love. However, some marriages can’t survive the struggles they face no matter how hard the couple tries. Divorce is an unfortunate reality for a large portion of society. In the United States, it is estimated that between 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. 

Deciding to divorce someone is an incredibly difficult decision to make. Fortunately, you can seek the help of a specialized attorney for divorce. A divorce attorney can help you decide what to do and ensure the entire process is conducted as fairly and as amicably as possible. Before deciding to enter into divorce proceedings, there are a few things you should do. 

Four Important Things About Filing for Divorce

Below we have provided four of the most crucial things you should consider before filing for divorce. Doing so will make you more prepared when you begin proceedings. 

Hire an Attorney with No Connection to Your Spouse

It can be tempting to minimize costs by using a lawyer that you and your spouse share. You should hire an attorney who has no affiliation with your spouse. When divorcing, what is in your best interests likely isn’t in your spouse’s best interests, and this can cause contention. Hiring your own divorce lawyer will ensure you have an unbiased opinion and counsel that will negotiate with only your interests in mind. 

Establish Credit in Your Name

Many married couples share credit, so it can be challenging to purchase a new home or vehicle after divorcing. Before filing for divorce, it would be a good idea to establish credit in your own name so that you can build up a credit score that will allow you to be independent after the divorce.  Ultimately, one of the simplest ways to begin building up credit before initiating a divorce is to get a credit card in your name. 

Figure Out Your Finances 

One of the most crucial steps to take before filing for divorce is to organize your and your spouse’s finances and establish where you both stand financially. By doing this, you will get an excellent idea of how much you could receive in the divorce. When you review assets and shared holding, don’t forget to determine how much debt you own individually and collectively, as this will influence how the estate is divided. You can easily determine debts by obtaining a credit report, as all the shared debts will be listed. 

Establish Your Custody Goals

If you have kids, one of the primary points of contention at the forefront of your mind is likely custody. You need to establish if you want sole legal custody or joint custody before you file for divorce. However, you should remember that unless there are extreme circumstances, most times, the custody of the children will be shared. That’s why you and your spouse should allocate time to discuss life schedules so that you can determine a custody schedule you are both comfortable with.  

Determining what you should do before initiating a divorce can be highly beneficial. If you establish credit in your name, determine custody needs and schedules and figure out what you and your spouse’s financial situation is, as this can lead to a more amicable divorce. Remember, it’s also incredibly important that you consider hiring your own attorney. You don’t want to share an attorney with your spouse as that can lead to issues and biased opinions and outcomes. A qualified divorce attorney can be an asset to you during this troublesome and stressful time in your life.