What you should consider before Opting for Printing a Coffee Table Book?

Nowadays, every urban house requires coffee table books, which are ideal for keeping guests entertained when the time comes. These books usually come with different cover types and are kept on coffee tables that work exceptionally as a conversation starter. Hence, before going for coffee table book printing, there are a few things that every individual should keep in mind.  These include:

  • Size and design
  • Surface cover options
  • Page material
  • Budget
  • Binding

Have a look at these in detail!

  1. Size and design of coffee table book

Before ordering for a print, the first step to having the best coffee table book is to ensure fixing the book’s size and design. Without adequate design, such a book loses its value and the purpose it is created in the first place. The design should make people around it curious enough to pick it up and leaf through the pages to lead to an interesting conversation.

Apart from these, though it might not seem like a great deal, the size of coffee table books has to be perfect. This is why most people opt for a large-sized one that gets noticed easily when placed on coffee tables and attracts everyone near it. The standard size starts from 8.5X11″. However, people can opt for printing companies that offer customized sizes’ option.

  • Options available for surface cover

Generally, coffee table books always come with a hardcover with a thickness of 3mm minimum; however, the printing on it can differ from one individual to another. One of the options available is foil stamping. It is a printing method where professionals apply colored foils on the surface area for a royal look. Utilizing a combination of pressure and heat, a foil is stuck to printed substrate.

Moreover, there are debossing and embossing options too for people. Debossed means a pattern will be sunk into a material’s surface while embossed means raising a pattern against a background. Besides, if people want, can opt for Spot UV technique where UV coating is applied to the surface cover of the printed coffee table book.

Apart from these three, there are more options available for people to choose from the surface cover. Hence, it is essential to determine which one to go for before ordering a print.

  • Materials and pages to print

Page material is something one has to think about beforehand. From ordinary to special paper, numerous materials are available when choosing pages for a coffee table book. The most standard order of materials for interior pages is either matt or gloss art paper. Since glossy paper looks more distinguished, it is what most people select before sending for a print.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is the number of pages such a book should have. These books for an appropriate bound should have a minimum of 28 pages. However, 200 pages, is the norm as most people opt for a number close to this. Lastly, the page size comes into play here, but the page size should be decided when picking cover designs and sizes.

  • Budget for printing coffee table books

One should keep in mind that this book type is a large book printing format. Therefore, one should ensure having enough budget to get the best possible result when ordering for a print. Nonetheless, an individual should know that these are printed to have a long life. Thus, one should spend as much as possible when ordering a print.

The budget for a print will depend on how much one is willing to spend and the purpose of printing such a book such as whether it will be used for personal or commercial purposes. Therefore, depending on this, one should create a budget for printing such a book.

  • Bookbinding

People also have to understand the type of bindings available for such a book. The most picked option is the hardcover and sewn binding, which gives it a classic look and durability along with all the modern features.

Which printing company to hire?

Choosing the correct printing organization is essential before hiring professionals to print a coffee table book. It is one of the substantial aspects to keep in mind as the level of printing determines how exceptional one’s book would be. When hiring an ideal printing firm to ensure to check these:

  • Experienced and certified professionals

Without any experience in handling coffee table books’ printing, it is quite known that mistakes would be made. This leads to the failure of a deadline, additional expense, and more. Also, checking whether experts of a printing company are certified along with experience under the belt is necessary.

  • Costing

The cost of printing varies from one firm to another. Hence, one should check out work quality and cost for services rendered. This can be done through price quote consultation that is available for customers.

  • Updated approach and modern machinery

Lastly, it is vital to check whether an updated approach and modern pieces of machinery are used for printing purposes. Without a modern approach and machines, it will be difficult to reach any customer’s expected result.

  • Professionalism

Going through reviews and more, one can know about a company in detail and understand its level of professionalism. It aids in knowing whether the firm will do an outstanding job, the deadline will be met or not, etc.

Before hiring a printing company, these are the things that should be kept in one’s mind to get the best possible outcomes. Besides knowing things about ordering a print of coffee table book, getting the correct printing organization to get the job done is crucial.

Therefore, if you are looking to get a coffee table book printed, the aforementioned points should be kept in mind. From the size of a book, pages required, materials, choosing a printing company, and more; every aspect is critical in successfully getting a coffee table book printed. Thus, always check these out first and then place your order!