What You Need to Teach in Wisconsin

There has been a shortage of teachers in the state of Wisconsin in recent years. Sadly, not many young students have the ambition to become an educator. This is a shame as it results in a lack of fresh, exciting ideas that can be implemented into the education system. If you are an individual who is thinking of becoming a teacher in Wisconsin, that’s great! But first, there are some things you will need before you start your career.


To become a teacher, you will need to have a college-level education. The subject of your bachelor’s degree could likely become the discipline you teach. This doesn’t mean that you can’t explore other subjects, but most schools will have you teaching classes that you have an extensive knowledge of. You will also need to have a teaching certificate or a Master of Arts in Education. Find a course that will also provide you with a Wisconsin teaching license to make things easier for you. Otherwise, you might have to take further examinations to obtain the license, which you can’t teach without. Once you have completed your studies and examinations, you will be qualified to pursue a teaching career. There are options to study a college undergraduate and master’s degree in a range of subjects, including education, online for those who require more flexible learning.

Work Experience

The next step in securing a teaching career is getting some work experience. Some of the college courses available to you might help you get placements at local schools for this reason. Otherwise, look into what you can do yourself to make this happen. Ask your local schools, or perhaps even your old high-school, if you can volunteer your services as a tutor or teaching assistant. You can choose to do this part-time to fit around your studies or get an assistant job once you graduate to ease yourself into a teaching role. This experience will be very valuable to you, preparing you for the realities of being in a classroom with younger kids or teenagers. Working with young people can be challenging, so preparing yourself for that is important. You might even want to consider trying to get some work experience before you begin your studies, to make sure that it is a career that is best suited to you. It is also worth noting that you will have to go through security checks if you’re working with children, research what steps you need to take for this before you apply for work experience in a school environment.


As with any job, you should consider your willingness to relocate for your career. Although there may be plenty of teaching opportunities where you are based, some areas in the state will have a higher demand for teachers than others. Give this possibility some serious thought before you begin the process of learning to become a teacher. You will need to be adaptable to succeed in this career, whether you stay where you are or move to another town or city.

It is one of the most rewarding careers in the world, and the state of Wisconsin is in need of these wonderful individuals. If you think you have what it takes to be a teacher, then get started!

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