What You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

If you have decided that you would like to give hair extensions a try, the initial decision is a large commitment. Extensions are expensive, and if things had to go wrong, they could cause damages to your real hair.

I spoke to Bradley King an Extension Expert, to see what he had to say about when you are thinking about increasing the length of your hair. From finding the right salon, and hair extension brands onto how to care for your extensions, here are a few essential tips to consider before you make that booking.

1. Consult With The Best Expert

Hair extensions are costly, and if you have decided that you are willing to invest in this type of hair, it is worth your while to consult with a person that is experienced and knows what they are talking about. If you live in London, you will really be doing yourself a favor by visiting Bradley King at the Urban Retreat in Harrod’s which is a popular super spa/beauty boutique/ hair salon. Bradley takes everything into account from how long your hair is, the shade, and texture, in order to arrive at extensions which will blend as naturally as possible with your natural hair.

2. Go For The Highest Quality Hair

Bradly told me one out of the better brands for ethicality and quality would be Gold Fever. I never heard of this brand before but decided to trust his suggestion and I am really glad that I made this choice. The protein-infused bonds with these extensions are really small which makes them just about invisible, while the hair itself is incredibly soft and really easy to manage and style. The Gold Fever hair extensions come in at different prices according to your natural hair length and texture, along with the desired thickness and length you are after. The prices start at about £250. To find stockists in your area, there is a list of the accredited salons.

3. Find Out About The Correct Application Process

There are numerous ways in which to wear your hair extensions. In most cases, this will rely heavily on the type of hair that you have, the length, and how long you would like the extensions to last. According to Bradley. The more popular options include:

The Instant Option

These are clip-ins that the brands like Hershesons and Beauty Works specialize in.

Tape-in Extensions

These extensions feature an adhesive line across the top part of the hair strip that is then bonded to the roots of your hair. The tape-in extensions usually last for 4 to 6 weeks and brands such as Great Lengths specialize in these.


Also known as Micro-Beads, this method involves using a cluster of the hair extensions which are then clamped onto your own hair strands using a very small metal ring or bead close to the roots. These extensions generally last for about 3 months, which also depends on how quickly your natural hair grows. The benefit of this method is the absence of heat or glue in the process of application. However, the drawback to this method is that the rings or beads can eventually damage your hair, especially when they get hot from styling or blow-drying.

The Weave

The weave is ideal for coarse and thicker hair types. This technique involves tightly braiding your natural hair, while the extension wefts are then sewn into the braid. With this method, it is recommended to see your stylist every 8 weeks to check whether your braids need to be tightened up.

The Bonds

The last method is known as bonds which are also known as keratin bonds or pre-bonded. This extension uses a type of bonding agent which comes attached to the hair extensions, which is usually protein or keratin infused which helps with protecting your real hair during the application process. Your stylist will use a heated tool that will fuse these bonds to the roots of your natural hair. These extensions typically last for 3 to 4 months. If you would like more information about the bond types, go here.

4. Be Smart About The Way You Style Your Hair

This point cannot be stressed enough. If you take good care of the extensions in your hair they will remain silky and soft. If you neglect them they will end up frizzy, straw-like and dry.

Start off by changing or boosting your normal hair-care routine. Unlike real hair, extensions require a lot more moisture, which is why you should be going for a more nourishing formula such as Alterna’s Caviar Repair X Instant Recovery Conditioner and Shampoo. For a boost of hydration try Bleach London’s Reincarnation Mask. This is the type of product that is made to revive bleached and mega-dry hair, and this formula really works.

5. Look After Your New Hair

• When brushing your hair start from the bottom and work your way up. Work out any tangles closer to the bottom of your hair to prevent pulling at your roots, which looks like this…

• When you go to sleep plait your hair loosely into one plait. This will give your hair a slight wave and protect the hair from becoming knotted while you sleep.

• Invest in a pillowcase made of silk. These pillows are way more forgiving on your hair when compared to cotton pillowcases.

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