What tools do you need to clear a garden?

Before you begin clearing your overgrown garden, you’ll need to make sure you have the right equipment. Without the right tools, clearing your garden will take much longer and be even more challenging. Find a local Gardener

If you don’t have the right tools, you may find it works out to be more cost effective if you hire a local garden clearance specialist. They will already have the right equipment, along with the specialist knowledge to get your garden cleared quickly and efficiently.

Here are some of the tools you’ll need to clear an overgrown garden.

Bypass secateurs

Also known as hand pruners, bypass secateurs are essential if you’re going to attempt a garden clearance. You will use your bypass secateurs to cut through any living growth including branches, plants and weeds.

It’s important to invest in a good quality, sturdy brand of secateurs before you begin clearing your garden as there are many cheaper brands on the market which aren’t up to the job. Some of the best brands of secateur include Felco, Fiskars and Okatsune.

Garden loppers

For bigger branches which are too thick for secateurs to cut through, you’ll need a pair of garden loppers. With much larger handles and blades, garden loppers can easily cut through shrubs, small trees and hedges, making your work much easier.

If you need to cut through branches which are higher up, telescopic garden loppers are available with long reach handles to save you from needing to climb up ladders.

Tree pruners

If you have trees which need to be cut back during your garden clearance, it’s worth investing in a specialist tree pruning tool.

Most tree pruning tools have long reach handles, making it easy for you to trim those out of reach branches. For thicker branches, you can purchase tree pruners which can accommodate a tree pruning saw attachment.


For overgrown shrubs and hedges that need tidying up, you’ll need a quality pair of gardening shears. Shears will ensure that your borders remain tidy and presentable for months to come.

It’s worth investing in quality when it comes to gardening shears. A good brand will be comfortable to use and the blades will stay sharper for longer.

Grubbing mattock

Similar in appearance to a pick axe, a grubbing mattock features a vertical blade which is great for cutting through stubborn roots. You will find a grubbing mattock to be invaluable for digging up the roots of shrubs, brambles and trees.

Safety equipment

Before you begin clearing your overgrown garden, you’ll need to invest in some safety equipment to help to prevent injury. Eye goggles, quality gloves and decent safety boots are essential for preventing injuries whilst clearing your garden.

To sum up

If you’re planning to clear your garden, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the right equipment and tools before you begin. If you don’t already have the right equipment, you may find that it’s more cost effect to hire a garden clearance specialist to help you with your project