What to Photograph when you are Travelling?

Most of the travelers carry a camera to capture the beautiful scenes and moments when they are traveling. Many of the travelers are looking to get the best images out of their limited opportunities.

To get beautiful pictures, you should have basic knowledge of the place you are going to visit. The best way to get this data is through the internet. You can research about the situation on the internet and find out the famous scenic spots and attractive places in that area.

Now, I will list out five things which you can photograph when you are traveling.


If you are traveling to popular cities, then you have a good chance of photographing the unique and beautiful cityscapes. Each town has got its specialties of structures and buildings.

So, try to capture these beautiful structures using the wide-angle range of your camera. You can even go for the telephoto range to achieve the close-up details or patterns in the buildings.

2.Landscape Scenes

No, travel photography is complete without capturing the lovely landscape scenes in that area. So, you should make it a point to travel outside the urban area and visit the rural areas to capture beautiful landscape scenes.

You can make use of the same wide-angle range for capturing these scenes. You can even include yourself in the picture to make it more attractive.

3.Rural Life

When you are visiting the rural area like a village, then try to capture the essence of that area in your camera. You can catch the daily routine scenes, farming activities or household activities. Always make sure that you ask and get the permission to photograph. Otherwise, you may invite unnecessary troubles.


If you are visiting Africa, or India then it will be a good idea to visit the famous national parks in these countries. You will have an excellent opportunity to photograph wild animals in their habitat.

Make use of these useful wildlife photography tips to get the best result. So, if you are planning a wildlife trip, ensure that you carry a telephoto lens with you.

You can even take a binocular like a Nikon 8252 to spot the distant animals. These countries also have good bird life. So, if you have an interest in bird photography, then you can give it a try too.


The best memories of your travel will be with the people you interact during the journey. So, take some photographs of the people too.

If you are traveling outside the country, then you will get a chance to interact with people of another culture. It is an excellent opportunity for you to create some interesting photographs.


Now, you know what to photograph next time when you are traveling. Consider reading, Useful Travel Photography Tips for more tips on travel photography.

If you are using an interchangeable lens camera, then you can either carry a wide-angle lens and a prime lens for portraits. It will cover 90 percent of your photography demands unless you are doing wildlife or bird photography, which demands a telephoto lens.

If you are planning to carry a single camera with a single lens, then a zoom lens would be the right choice.

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