What to Look for in the Best Currency Converter App

Using the best currency converter app can help you find the best currency exchange deals. But since there are many currency converter apps, choosing the right one can be quite stressful, necessitating the need to understand the features of the best app.

In this guide, we explore the features of the best currency converter app to help you select the right application. You will also get to learn the best currency converter app for iPhone and Android. Keep reading and learn how to save money using the best apps.

7 Features of the Best Currency Converter App

It’s no secret that you can search for exchange rates on Google. However, the Google currency converter may not display the trends in the foreign currency exchange market. Thankfully, a currency converter app can do that and also compare multiple currencies.

Here are the features to look for when searching for the best currency converter app.

1.    Supports Many Currencies

The best currency converter app should support a vast range of currencies in the world. Since many people travel to various parts of the world, a currency converter app that is versatile and features many currencies tend to have thousands of users.

2.    Offers Live Exchange Rates

An excellent converter app should be fast enough to incorporate changes in currency exchange rates, whether you are online or offline. It should then update the changes in real-time to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

3.    Works in an Offline Mode

Most currency exchange converter apps can provide live updates when connected to the internet. However, the best apps would work even when you are offline to prevent inconveniences. Such apps can save the recent changes made in exchange rates.

4.    Integrates with Many Devices

A currency converter app that integrates well with many devices tends to have millions of users. Most currency converter apps are compatible with the Android and iOS devices, making them reliable. You need to download an app that integrates with your phone.

5.    Provides Recent Conversion History

A good currency converter app should display the conversion history and graphs for various currencies. It will help you evaluate the fluctuation in exchange rates of a particular currency over the past few days, months, or even years.

6.    Has an Intuitive Interface

The best currency converter app should be simple and easy to use. Most app users prefer currency conversion apps that prioritize user-friendliness. So, you should select an app that allows you to access the currency exchange rates more quickly.

7.    Offers Currency Analytics

Some currency converter apps have the analytics feature that can analyze the fluctuation in exchange rates and predict the possible rates in the next week or month. They can even notify you about the changes in prices. However, not all apps have this feature.

Best Currency Converter App for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can find many interesting apps that have most of the features described above. Here are some of the best currency converter apps for iPhones.

  • My Currency Converter & Rates: You can use this app for travel and business functions. It’s incredibly easy to use, accurate, and highly versatile. It supports more than 170 currencies in the world.
  • Currency Converter – Rate App: Provides real-time currency exchange rates. You can also access new currency exchange rates when in offline mode. Most iPhone users prefer it due to its simplicity.
  • Easy Currency Converter: As the name suggests, the app is easy to use due to its intuitive interface. Besides, it displays the prices of more than 180 currencies. The fact that it supports many languages sets it apart from others.

Best Currency Converter App for Android

Android phone users can also access some of the best currency converter apps. If you have an Android phone, you can consider the following apps.

  • All Currency Converter: Most Android users use this currency converter app to get live updates of various currencies. It supports more than 160 currencies. You can also access currency charts and trends using the app.
  • Currency Converter – Exchange: It’s the most convenient app for Android users who carry out foreign transactions frequently. You can also access real-time fluctuations in currency prices.
  • XE Currency Converter: It’s one of the simplest apps to use for foreign exchange, both for travel and business. Besides offering real-time changes in currency prices, it also provides the rates for precious metals.

Final Words

While downloading the best currency converter app can help you access trends in the foreign exchange market, exchanging your money at a reputable company like Knightsbridge FX can help you save thousands of dollars. So, as you search for the best currency converter app, consider transacting in a company with the best rates.

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