What to eat in the aftermath of food poisoning?

Food poisoning is a highly irritating issue which cannot be cured. To make sure symptoms do not sharpen, go on a strict diet for a few days.

Food poisoning is accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting. The sick finds it hard to swallow anything, feels nauseous and is unable to function regularly. Satiating hunger with regular everyday food is not the best idea. When you are sick, you have to go on a strict diet. Antibiotics are allowed only if the diarrhea fails to subside within the first few days.

Is starving valuable?

At the first stage of poisoning, use pharmacy medicament available over the counter (one of the most popular food poisoning drug is Smecta, but do not forget about carbo medicinalis or Laremid). Much to your surprise, there is no point in starving if you have diarrhea. Even if you defecate frequently and feel nauseous and vomit, you must eat anyway. At the beginning of the food poisoning, doctors recommend baby rice. Later on, when symptoms ease, you may choose light meals. It is advisable to have from 5 to 7 low-calories meals a day (with 3-hour breaks).

After symptoms have subsided partially, you may add something more to your diet. Aside from baby rice, the persons dealing with food poisoning should decide on corn (cornmeal mush with salt, dietary crackers, stale wheat bread roll and corn crisps. After four days you may try boiled potatoes with a small amount of fresh butter. To see light dish recipes, visit the website: https://www.star5products.com/

How to deal with deficiencies?

Such diet certainly cannot cover entirely the demand for all nutrients, so there are deficiencies in the organism. To make sure bacterial flora is not depleted, it is advisable to add food products to the diet gradually and carefully. The stomach will not be overloaded with wheat bread with butter or small amounts of poultry ham. On the sixth day you may at last try cottage cheese with honey or jam.

Meat and vegetable meals must be ground to the maximum. Lean chicken goes best with rice or groats. The stomach tolerates soft-boiled eggs a few days after poisoning.

Do not dehydrate!

If you often vomit and have diarrhea, your organism is likely to dehydrate. So you should drink a lot (mineral water is a preferable drink). Also herbal tea, mint in particular, have medicinal properties. It is however important that you avoid sugar: sugar in drinks ferments and supports dehydration.

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