What to do when your child is injured at daycare?

When you take your child to daycare in the morning, he does so with the expectation that those in charge will take reasonable steps to make sure your child is safe. But what happens if your child is injured? You may not worry too much about a small blow to the hit head or a scratch on the knee, but if your child is seriously injured at daycare, you may need to work with a personal injury lawyer to hold the negligent responsible.

Read on for more information about these cases and what you can do. Then Contact an attorney that understands how to handle daycare and child injury cases call 281.587.1111 for a free legal consultation. We are here to answer your questions, offer you our legal advice and let you know what your options are.

First, get medical attention for your child

If your child was injured, your first concern is to take him to a doctor or emergency room. If the childcare service did not, it is up to you. Remember that some injuries, such as head injuries, may seem minor, but may be more serious than they appear. You have to make sure that a doctor visits your child and performs the necessary tests.

Find out if you have a legal claim against daycare

Once you know that your child is safe, your next task is to find out if you have reason to file a personal injury case. This means that you must first find out if they were to blame. We recommend that you go to a free legal consultation with a personal injury lawyer. When you contact Houston Daycare Accident and Child Injury at 281.587.1111 they will listen to your story, consider the law and inform you about your options. If there is evidence of negligence or intentional acts, there may be grounds for a claim for injury.

The definition of negligence

When analyzing whether the nursery was negligent for your child’s accident, they will consider whether they did what was necessary to protect your child, or if they did something they should not have done and that damaged your child. The most common negligence in day care centers includes not supervising children, not keeping the classroom or playroom in safe conditions, or having toxic or similar chemicals.

The definition of intentional acts

Unlike negligent behavior, intentional acts are not accidents. They are injuries caused by a person who acts voluntarily, intentionally and maliciously. Intentional acts include child abuse, such as aggression, inflicting emotional distress, sexual abuse or false imprisonment.

If your child was injured in daycare and the cause of his accident appears to be intentional or negligent, it is important that you contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on whether the daycare is a public or private daycare, you may have only six months to file your claim. Contact Houston Daycare Accident and Child Injury at 281.587.1111 for a free legal consultation today.

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