What The Numbers Below the “Best By” on The Eggs Really Mean

I tend to buy organic eggs from local farmers. I believe those eggs are more nutritious and healthier.

But most of you don’t have the chance to do the same thing. You usually buy eggs from the nearest store.

The first thing you check is the “best before” or “best by” date on the package.

Right after you conclude that the date is good, you take the eggs.

Just a few of you probably noticed some numbers below the date. From now on I want you to check that number every time before you decide to buy eggs.

Let me tell you why

According to these reports, the FDA doesn’t require from the egg producers to mark the packages with the “best by” date. It’s on them if they want to do that or not.
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And that’s not the worst part.

This means that we have no idea how old the eggs are. This report suggests that you should start looking at another label on the cartoon.

You should focus on the numbers below the “best by” date.

The initiative was boosted after the story about the eggs went viral.

What is that?

This strange number is called the Julian Date. It marks the day of the year the eggs were placed in the cartoon.

Example: If the number says 339, then this means the eggs were packaged on December 5.

So, if you have bought them for New Year’s Eve, it means the eggs are 26 days old.

Don’t be frightened by this just yet. Keep in mind that the Food Safety and Inspection Service advises you that refrigerated eggs are good for 4 or 5 weeks after they were packed.

With that being said, if you see that the eggs are 20 days old, you probably have a week before they go bad.

This is a warning everyone should consider before buying eggs. That’s why I’m sharing this – to spread the word.

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