What Should You Do at a Two-Way Traffic Sign?

With so many signs on the streets and highways, it can be challenging to keep up with what all of them mean. For instance, you may not realize that the color of a road sign has major significance. As an example, yellow signs are used to give general warnings, while blue signs provide information about services, and red signs ask you to obey a specific command immediately.

The shape of a sign along the side of a street also represents something specific. Diamond signs are used for driver warnings, while rectangle signs are guides or provide regulatory information. When it comes to a two-way traffic sign, you’ll notice that it’s yellow and diamond-shaped, which means it offers a general warning for drivers. But do you know everything else you should about two-way traffic signs?

What Are Two-Way Traffic Signs & How Do They Help Drivers?

The first thing to define is what a two-way traffic sign is used for. When you see one of these while driving, it means that the traffic on the road is going in both directions. As an example, your car or truck is moving in one direction, but the people in vehicles in the other lane are going the opposite way. This sign ensures a driver knows what direction traffic is going to prevent traffic accidents.

When you’re looking at a two-way traffic sign, you’ll see a yellow background with black symbols on it. While many signs are designed this way, the two-way traffic sign is unique. It features two arrows on the background, one that is pointing south and the other pointing north. This makes it easy to determine that the other lane of traffic is coming toward you, so staying entirely in your lane is crucial.

There are a few other road signs that look somewhat similar to a two-way traffic sign, but each has distinguishing features. The “divided highway begins” sign has two arrows that are slightly curved with a barrier at the top of the sign and the “divided highway ends” sign is mostly the same except that the barrier can be found on the bottom of the sign. The “merging traffic” sign is also similar but has one arrow with a tail coming off of the end of it.

Should Motorists Do Anything in Particular When Coming Across a Two-Way Road Sign?

A driver who sees a two-way traffic sign doesn’t have the responsibility to do anything special beyond understanding what the sign means. If the highway or street that the driver was on was previously a road with traffic going in only one direction, moving into the other lane to drive should also be avoided. Drivers can still pass other vehicles as long as the appropriate indicators are located on the surface of the road itself.

The main task for a driver who sees this sign is to stay safe and prevent accidents from being in the way of traffic that is coming from the opposite direction. The roadway lines can vary in terms of color as well as design. A yellow line is going to be present when traffic is going both directions, while white lines mean all vehicles are going the same way. Solid lines indicate that passing isn’t allowed, while broken lines allow drivers to pass other cars.

Keep in mind that other signs may be present along with two-way road signs, and you should make sure to pay attention to the information they offer. It’s also possible that other items will be on the road that need to be heeded, including barriers, flags, cones, and more. Drivers should always be alert and aware of all the things going on around them to ensure the highest level of safety.

Where Can I Buy Two-Way Road Signs?

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Where Can I Rent Two-Way Road Signs?

When you choose Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, Inc., one of the leading traffic control companies nationwide, purchasing outright is only one of your options. We also offer rentals for those who prefer to use items for a shorter period. In addition to the items mentioned above, we also rent out highway equipment to help you get your next project done. Our orders have an average of a seven-day turnaround and all products are MUTCD-certified and compliant. You can get in touch with us today to get started!

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