What She Makes Out of Old Jeans is Totally AWESOME!

We love to go shopping. Men can’t understand how we can do that every weekend. It’s in our blood. It calms us down.

And that’s some quality time spent with your girlfriends. I can be out for shopping for the whole day.

Usually, my daughter is the one that keeps me company. She is just like me.

It doesn’t mean we are going to spend hundreds of dollars for clothes. There are so many discounts out there. We are always getting the best deal possible.

Especially when we are talking about jeans.

Jeans are definitely the no.1 reason why I go shopping. That’s my style. I’m a jeans lover, but there is something I don’t like about myself.

Jeans are getting boring really fast.

I mean, I still wear most of them, but the old ones are just there in the closet.

It wasn’t long ago when I selected all the clothes I don’t wear anymore and gave it to a local charity organization.

The feeling that I helped people who don’t have clothes made me feel really good. Plus, it left some extra space in the closet.

You should do the same thing.

What? – Your jeans are too old and damaged to be given to charity?

Okay, leave the jeans aside and give the other clothes. I have something else on mind for the jeans.

Below, you will see a couple of tricks you can do to transform your jeans.

These DIY tutorials will fulfill your free time and who knows, maybe you will get a new hobby.

Wine Bag Repurpose


Tutorial via My Soulful Home

Pocket Garment Garland


Tutorial via dukes and duchesses

Upcycled Denim Placemat


Tutorial via today next

Handy Tool Belt


Tutorial via redshed

Denim Crochet Carpet


Tutorial via gillianhamilton.blogspot

Jean Corsage


Tutorial via tea rose home.blogspot

Recycled Denim Oven Mitt


Tutorial via my recycled bags

Denim Napkins


Tutorial via brit

Denim Tote Bag


Tutorial via pm-between the lines.blogspot

Denim Cellphone Case


Tutorial via blog.freepeople

Denim Handbag


Tutorial via strikesmyfancy-2013.blogspot

Denim Slippers


Tutorial via the guardian

Recycled Denim Purse


Tutorial via Jessica Rebello

Hair Bows and Bow Ties


Tutorial via salute to cute.blogspot

Denim Pot Holder and Coaster


Tutorial via diyjoy

Denim Bookmark


Tutorial via the cheese thief

Inspiring, huh?

If you have been doing something similar to this, you can share it with me. It doesn’t have to be with jeans.

Maybe you have mastered something else.

Share this with all of your friends. I know they have some old jeans in the closet.

Source: Diply

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