What Seems To Be The Problem With Yogurt?

For the last couple of years, yogurt has changed and doesn’t have the same quality as before.

I drink yogurt once or twice a week. I can’t hide that. I love the boosting ability it gives me early in the morning.

When yogurt showed up, many people started using it on a daily basis because it’s rich in probiotics.

Most people still think that. I am sorry to disappoint many of you, but it seems that the yogurt you drink has some problems you should be aware of.

When I first read this article about the yogurt, I felt disappointed myself.

Companies will do everything to hold the same taste, but are they willing to use the same natural ingredients?

I’m afraid to hear the answer to this question.

With that being said, let me show you what I’ve found about yogurt. The following will explain few problems yogurt has right now.

Problem #1

Most of the yogurts you can buy in the nearest store contain live cultures and some don’t. All of the yogurts in the US are made out of pasteurized milk.

This is not a big problem because when the live cultures are added and the milk fermented, you still have food and active probiotics to digest better than regular milk.

The problem is when some brands pasteurize the yogurt after it’s been fermented. This KILLS the active probiotics. This is what pisses me off the most.

The solution to this problem would be a natural homemade yogurt or search for “live and active cultures” on the label.
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Problem #2

Most yogurts are enriched with too many sweeteners. You can find whether sugar, artificial sweeteners, or corn syrup.

These sweeteners kill the probiotics while the yogurt becomes sweetened and will make you fat.

Many brands are taking this to their advantage. They found that users want a sweet and addictive taste and that’s why they continue with this aggressive taste to lure the American consumers. These yogurts are far from being healthy.

Before you choose your perfect yogurt, please pay attention to the label. Choose plain yogurt or plain Greek yogurt over any yogurt. You can add some of your natural sweeteners after.

Problem #3

The last problem is the yogurt’s probiotics. The yogurt you chose is probably rich in probiotics. But, is that enough for you?

My point here is that there are better sources of probiotics you can consume without thinking if they are healthy or not.

A variety of products is always the key when you want to control and maintain balance over your immunity and digestion.

One of them? – Kefir!

Here is what kefir could bring to your health:


If you pay attention to the probiotics quantity, one research shows that yogurts contain 1 to 5 billion CFU’s per cup. That’s a lot, right?

Well, compared to kefir, that contains 7 to 50 billion active CFU’s, and it is definitely nothing.

I think you see the point here. Kefir is an amazing addition to all of your meals. Especially to smoothies.

Remember that variety of probiotics is the KEY. I don’t want to be the one who will tell you to quit yogurt. I just want to warn you about its problems and open your eyes to know your food.

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