What Probiotics are Available for Babies?

Baby probiotics are great because they promote healthy digestion and strengthen the immune system. If you care about your baby’s gut health, you may want to get probiotics for babies. Your baby gets all nutrients from breast milk, including probiotics. If you do not have a healthy gut, then your baby may suffer with you as well.

Thankfully, you can introduce probiotics through various forms and flavors, but it is best to get something organic that won’t negatively affect your baby’s health. So, what kind of probiotics can you give to your baby?

Yogurt (and Other Fermented Dairy Products)

It is old news that yogurt contains tons of probiotics. However, you might be surprised to hear that babies can safely eat yogurt, making their tummies happy and healthy.

Your baby has to be at least six months old to eat yogurt. Make sure that it is always fresh and you want to taste test it before feeding your baby. Spoiled yogurt is very dangerous, but thankfully you can see, smell, and taste mold quickly.


Just like with yogurt, you want to wait until your baby is at least six months old before introducing any solid foods. Sauerkraut is only fermented cabbage that is full of probiotics.

Sauerkraut is great because it contains all the proper nutrients for your baby. Their small digestive tract will undoubtedly appreciate this delicious sour treat. It is one of the best ways to add solid foods, tart flavors, and probiotics to your baby’s diet.


While not as good as yogurt and sauerkraut, you can give a pickle to your baby from time to time. It is excellent because it helps their teeth grow, and they can learn how to chew. A cold pickle allows your child to alleviate tooth pain, and it tastes nice too.

Make sure that you give only small pieces at a time because children can easily choke on larger pieces. Also, pickles are kept in a salty brine, so make sure to watch the baby’s sodium intake.

Probiotic Supplements

One of the best ways to give your infant probiotics is to get some supplements. Pills are not a good idea, and neither are supplements made for adults. Thankfully, there are supplements out there that are specially designed for infants.

The best form is to get probiotic powder sticks that contain one serving for your baby. You just have to follow the instructions on the packaging, and that’s all there is to it.

Make sure to get an organic probiotic blend containing artificial dyes, preservatives, and flavors. You can put the powder into some warm milk or water and use a baby bottle to feed the baby.

Benefits of Probiotics

There are many reasons why both you and your baby should take probiotics. They help your gut keep a healthy balance of good bacteria, improve digestion, reduce constipation, and prevent diarrhea.

Your baby’s immune system will be boosted by healthy probiotics as well. There is tons of evidence that explains how probiotic supplements are suitable for babies because they prevent discomfort and reflux.


Adding probiotics to your baby’s diet is an easy way to boost the infant’s gut health and immune system. Your baby will thank you for it. You want to wait at least six months before giving your baby solid foods and yogurt.

While waiting for the baby to start growing teeth, you can get a box of organic probiotic powder with infants in mind. Just add the powder to some warm water and pour it into a feeding bottle.