What Parents Needs To About Synbiotics & Gut Health

As a relatively new medical concept, many parents have likely not heard about synbiotics and their ability to improve the gut health of their children. The concept is simple enough, however. As a combination of pre and probiotics designed to work together to boost gut biome, these substances are an essential part of improving the gut health of both you and your child.

Parents who want to provide the best for their child’s nutrition and growth need to inform themselves about the benefits of synbiotics and where they can be found. While medical research in this exciting field is only in its early stages, there are many promising benefits that you can expect from incorporating them into your child’s diet.

To provide you with the most up-to-date information on this exciting area of study, let’s look at some more specific information about synbiotics and gut health for your child.

What Are Synbiotics?

Synbiotics are a scientifically crafted blend of pre and probiotics that have been designed to foster better gut health in those who choose to consume them. By combining these two substances, nutritional scientists believe that the positive effects of the combination are better than any one substance taken by itself.

Since a healthy gut biome has been shown to benefit many processes in the human body, providing your child with synbiotics will likely benefit their psychological well-being, their mood, and their natural immunity.

Since they are relatively novel, there is not much regulation involved when it comes to synbiotics. However, since scientists already know that pre and probiotics are themselves beneficial to the gut health of humans, you can be confident that you will notice some positive benefits. Nevertheless, be wary of claims made by some manufacturers of these products that appear too good to be true, as they probably are. 

Boosting Growth

If your child is lagging behind in terms of their development, there is some tentative evidence that suggests that you can solve this problem by adding synbiotics to their diet. When provided with a blend of synbiotics, some children experience positive weight gain and a boost to their gastrointestinal health.

Before taking this to heart, however, be sure to consult with your doctor who will know more about the latest results of these types of studies. Until more research is done, synbiotics need to be only one part of the solution to your child’s developmental delays.

Enhanced Gut Health

Research shows that those with positive gut health at an early age build a stronger natural immunity that will last them for the rest of their lives. Healthy gut flora is essential for building resilience against pathogens and fighting against medical conditions that may plague your child when they are older.

Since synbiotics provide the building blocks for making your child’s gut flora flourish, you can expect to reap these benefits if you provide your child with such a supplement. 

Stay Up-To-Date With New Studies

If the exciting field of synbiotics sounds appealing to you as a new parent, then stay informed with the latest medical research coming out of this emerging area of medicine. With so many potential benefits, synbiotics will likely soon become a standard and essential part of your child’s diet.

For now, you can find synbiotics in selected variants of infant formula preparations or in the form of supplements at your supermarket. Make sure to read the labels of these products to ensure that your child is getting the nutrition they need and to reap the full benefits that synbiotics can provide.

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