What Makes Forest City Golf Resort an Ideal Destination for Tourists

In this fast-paced world, people will feel exhausted after working for a long day. They are apt to do something else after work that can help them to relax like gaming, watching episodes or movies, or surf social media. But do these things help you? Well, the fact is, doing all these things for a long day will only increase your pressure and sense of fatigue, and you will fall into an endless loop of exhaustion.

So, why don’t you take a real break, a destination where you have no more work to do, meetings to attend, or annoying people to see? Imagine this: you, your families, and your friends are running along the beach, enjoying a fantastic and exclusive swimming pool and playing golf without an advance appointment. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Before we take a vacation, we have one more question to tackle with which is how to choose the best resort for ourselves. Here are three of the most important points that you should consider when you are planning a vacation.


The location of a resort is one of the most important factors that influence its business and customers’ experience. Therefore, before you book your hotel, you should ensure the location of your hotel has convenient transportation. You won’t like to take another 3-hour bus after your 4-hour fly. So, it’s vital to have an excellent hotel location.


Service could be the best selling point for a hotel. We all want to be served as a king or queen when we’ve paid the hotel stacks of money. And usually, the hotel will guarantee to present their top service to you. Well, you have to check their comments posted by former customers. You shouldn’t trust whatever the hotel says, the customers’ word could be a judge whether this hotel is honest or just fooling you.


A high standard resort hotel should also equip with various facilities, such as conference venue, shop, restaurants, golf courses, and gym, etc. When we ready to take a real break, we should also consider these facilities. They are vacation experience booster, so enjoy every additional facility and make every penny we paid count.

As a successful businessman, if you were tired of working, meeting, complex interpersonal relationships, why don’t you take a break in the Forest City Golf Resort? It is a living paradise and an ideal destination to fulfill all your needs above. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this golf resort a wonderful tourist destination.

Forest City is situated in the gateway connecting Singapore and Malaysia. It is easily accessible via land and water, being only 2km from Singapore and adjacent to the Tuas Second Link between Malaysia and Singapore. The service here is an extreme luxury. Forest City Phoenix International Marina Hotel is the first high standard hotel in Forest City, which separates Johor and its neighboring country, Singapore. The hotel has access to create a serene oasis in the bustling city. The guests can enjoy a luxury experience during their stay in our rooms and suites.

With provided facilities, Forest City Golf Resort guarantees a leisure and memorable experience for all of the guests. They have conference rooms, even palaces, various restaurants, and, most importantly, they have two golf courses.

The Jack Nicklaus Legacy Course and the Liang Guo Kun Classy Course with a total of 36 holes and both of these two courses use Paspalum Platinum, the best golf court grass. The Jack Nicklaus Legacy Course covers 74 Hectare with 7386 yards. The wide, undulating fairways and superbly-shaped greens are turfed with lush Paspalum Platinum. Meanwhile, Platinumsprawling waste areas, sculptured bunkers, and large lakes add form and challenge to the course.

In typical Nicklaus fashion, multiple tees ensure playability for all levels of golfers. The waste areas and abundant use of palm trees in the landscaping lend a desert-like feel to the course, reminiscent of golf in the Middle East. The Liang Guo Kun Classy Course is a breakthrough from the convention. The profile was ingeniously outlined and fine-tuned on a piece of flat marshland. Linking lakes not only provide irrigation water but also increase the site movement. Various mounds carved into fairways, which have become an undulating, three-dimensional, and scenic masterpiece. This tactful golf course is created distinctive, challenging, and joyful.

Above all the factors I’ve recommended you should consider the decision of a vacation resort depend a lot on what you value the most. Excellent location? Services? Or a variety of facilities? But still, I hope that after reading this post you got a general idea of what features you should look for in a resort. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to choose a resort that will meet or even exceed your expectations.

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