What Makes a GPS Tracking App for Car a Multi-Benefit Device?

In today’s time, with an increase in the number of vehicles everywhere, one can never be too careful when out on public roads. The probability of a mishap is higher than ever. Therefore, it becomes vital to prioritize safety. Well, several methods can ensure your safety, like installing car alarm systems, GPS tracking app for car and dash cams. These tools and devices can help you stay protected. GPS tracking app for the car has completely transformed the game; it offers next-level security and protection to your vehicle. More than a luxury, a GPS tracking app for the car has now become a necessity. It comes with an in-built camera that promotes driver safety.

A GPS tracking app for the car helps inefficient route planning. So, if you are worried about your loved ones’ safety or yourself, getting a GPS tracking app for the car is a great idea. Listed down below are some important features that make a GPS tracking app for car a multi-benefit device:

1.Live Video Streaming

The GPS tracking app for the car comes with a dual-camera set-up that provides live video streaming of inside and outside view, whether the car is stationary or moving. Hence, allowing users to monitor the real-time location of the vehicle on the same screen. The car video recorder offers streaming that can be accessed by multiple users, based on the owner’s preference. GPS tracking apps offer excellent quality video streaming with 4x digital zoom.

2.Allows You to Download Recorded Time-Lapse Videos

A GPS tracking app for a car allows you to download the recorded time-lapse videos or images of a trip from either of the cameras that can be accessed from the library. You can fast-forward, pause, or mute the time-lapse videos as per your convenience.

3.Face Recognition Feature

Is the safety of your kids bothering you? To ease your stress and worries, a GPS tracking app for the car comes with a face recognition feature that allows you to identify the person sitting on the driver’s seat from a list of familiar drivers. It also helps capture the faces of co-passengers sitting inside the car and displays them under the trip details section.

4.2-Way Calling Feature

With an in-built microphone and speaker, you can easily talk back and forth. The driver cannot misuse the device because the calling can be initiated by the device owner himself.

5.Route Playback

The GPS tracking app can easily playback the route traveled by car on the map, at a playback speed of the passenger’s choice. As a result, alerts are generated during the ongoing trip, which is shown on the screen.

Invest in a Good GPS Tracking App for Car

We put nothing above safety. Hence, it is advisable to install a GPS tracking system in your vehicle. Explore the best-in-class features of KENT CamEye; it is a next-generation car camera that comes along with a GPS tracker. It offers reliable and comprehensive security options. You can avail a free demo trial and easily purchase it from company’s website.

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