What Make Teachable Different Than Other Course Platforms

As a course creator, looking for the best platform for your digital curriculum is vital. It will set the right tone, hone your course’s efficiency, and provide an excellent experience for your students. With these, building your credibility and gaining trust is easier.

With tons of platforms used to create and sell digital courses, which one stands out? Is Teachable better than other top leading competitors like Kajabi, Udemy, or Thinkific? Which one suits your preference, and which one should be recommended for who?

We’re breaking down the barriers and providing you with quick yet complete and accurate details of these various platforms for digital programs.

What is Teachable? Is It Good To Use?

Teachable is a comprehensive platform that allows course creators to build and provide valuable digital content to their students. It’s an all-in-one package that offers convenience, ease of use, a unique support mechanism, and multiple payment options to leverage your business.


It handles web hosting and everything you need with your digital programs. One of the best advantages of using the platform is it allows you to focus your attention on creating engaging and selling courses to a broader audience. To give you a detailed insight into the forum, an honest Teachable review is available to help you weigh your options and understand the benefits of this platform.


With all course platforms online, what sets Teachable apart from the competition, and why more course creators choose the platform above the rest. Here’s what you need to know about Teachable and why you should try it.


  • It’s a complete easy to use course creating and selling platform for novice and experienced course creators.
  • It offers multiple payment options for your students to avail of various course levels for a more professional appeal.
  • Third-party software integration availability.
  • Excellent support team, which makes it easier for you to build your professional network.


Teachable has been a crowd favorite due to its convenience and ease of use. You need to reconsider when choosing a platform for your digital courses is how simple and straightforward your encounter will be.

You don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to navigate your site or get frustrated when things don’t go as planned, scheduled, and how you want your courses.

With various platforms for course creators, here’s a list of the top competitors and why Teachable is still the best choice.

Teachables Difference With Other Platform

As much as possible, every course creators want to have full access and control with what they offer. As you provide e-learning materials, you want to ensure that your students get the best value and knowledge with your program.

An excellent learning experience comes from a pretty straightforward, and simple approach. Teachable offers almost everything you’ll ever need. Here’s a comparison from other platforms.

With Udemy

Udemy is a popular platform, and best to compare it to the Amazon store for e-learning. The competition is tough, and you need to work hard for your courses to get notice and achieve your target goal.

It can take some time until your course gets notice or ranked based on the platform’s criteria or generates sales.

With Udemy and Teachable, the latter provides customization based on your preferences. Since you build your site, there is no massive competition to survive. You set the rules for selling and allow full control of your digital courses.

Both of this platform offers:


  • Course content creation
  • Check published or unpublished course
  • Manages the comments section
  • Check revenue reports

With Kajabi

When it comes to creating, publishing, and selling digital courses, Kajabi is also a great platform. Teachable and Kajabi allow course branding with total navigational options.

While both offer multiple similar features, some factors set them apart from each other. Teachable is ideal for a course creator who wants to build and sell digital programs efficiently and quickly.

Kajabi, on the other hand, offers a more detailed platform that lets work on upscaling your business.

While several added features offer convenience when you use Kajabi, Teachable also has integrations that allow you to upscale your courses online. It’s up to what you prefer to meet your expected performance.


With Thinkific

When you compare Thinkific with Teachable, there indeed are different aspects that would set each other apart. While both are ideal platforms for creating and selling courses, Teachable offers customization and ease of use.

Thinkific has additional thirty features that are not available with Teachable. It comes with a free plan that has unlimited students with three paid or free courses. However, both of these platforms provide navigational features that are ideal for new and advanced course creators.

For course and platform customization, these two provide an intensive approach to dealing with your classes. That way, students can get the most of what you want to share while building trust and credibility as one of the top-notch course creators online.


The efficiency of a platform varies on what you, the course creator needs, and how your students react to the programs that you offer. While others find Teachable to be the best option, it’s best to understand that there are unique preferences and needs that everyone needs to fill in.

Every digital platform was created to provide convenience and help achieve your target goal, whether to sell tons of courses online, establish credibility, gain better profit, or understand how the process works. Teachable stands out due to its accessible navigational features, which is a plus if you are new and learning the system.

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