What it Takes to Raise a Thriving Kid

Raising a kid to be successful is probably the most challenging project of your life. It gets more complicated if there is more than one of them. Then, unexpected problems and challenges from the side kick in and it seems like an impossible mission. 

Regardless of the difficulty, it’s still the main priority. Every parent wants only the best to their children. And the worst thing is that there is no universal rule to guide you through the process. You can easily find yourself struggling while looking for parenting tips and trying to implement them in your everyday life. However, there are some proven methods and rules that will definitely help you. We are more than happy to share them with you.

1) Don’t be ashamed to learn in the process

In a perfect world, you should be prepared for everything and know the answer to every question before your baby is even born. The world is not perfect and you shouldn’t be ashamed to learn new things as you go. Especially, if it’s your first child and you have no previous experience.

It’s a good idea to join a community of parents and help each other, or simply ask for help from your relatives that have already been through this process. However, even then you would be not sure about the quality of advice you get, it all depends on how much you trust the other person and their methods. Probably the best thing is to rely on knowledge that is backed up by science. Don’t forget that you have the Internet – a great resource if you know how to use it. Websites like Tiny Tribes can provide you with some great tips on parenting and raising a successful kid. There are plenty of articles on any particular topic related to parenting. The best part is that those articles aren’t just a reflection of someones’ personal opinion. They are based on research and science, so it is a reasonable source. If you are trying to raise a successful kid or just planning to have a baby, make sure to check it out.

Trust the Process

If you always emphasize the importance of achieving something or “being successful” in life, it will put enormous psychological pressure on your child and this mental toll won’t do any good. Vice versa, your kid is likely to develop some psychological problems that might reach the surface only decades later.

Instead of that, you should praise the process. The behavior while reaching the goal is more important than the outcome. Pay attention to small details and encourage your kid to be good and honest. You need to teach them to enjoy the process and the outcome will be good sooner or later. 

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In addition to that, you should allow your child to make decisions and make mistakes. There are a lot of parents that are focused on success and are willing to help their kids avoid mistakes. If your child never learns how to be wrong and handle mistakes, this will turn out into a lot of problems further in life. Obviously, the youngster will make a lot of mistakes and terrible decisions, but it’s ok. It’s not ok to let them repeat the same mistake over and over again. You shouldn’t apply a punishment, but some reasonable discipline would be healthy.

Set a Good Example

Probably the most common parenting mistake – focusing on the kids only, like the world around you doesn’t even exist. The thing is, your kid mostly learns from you and your feelings. If you forget your personal life and your own wellbeing, it can have a negative impact on your child.

Happy children usually have happy parents, it’s as simple as that. Find time for yourself, take a break if you need to. Also, it’s really important not to put children before your marriage. Raising a successful kid doesn’t require destroying your personal life or marriage. Research reveals that parents concentrating on their children more than on their own marriage is a toxic thing.

The mental health of a parent has great importance, so make sure to avoid some common mistakes that can cause a lot of damage in the long term. Here are 13 things that you shouldn’t do if you want to set the right example. It will definitely draw some boundaries for your behavior, so you will know how to act in certain situations.

Build Healthy Habits Together

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Good mental and physical health is essential – a damaged or ill kid will never be successful in life. So when you spend time together, try to build some healthy habits that will be good for both of you.

For instance, you can get your kids doing exercise without them even knowing. Isn’t that great?

Also, when you dine together, try to put healthy food on the table. Remember, kids learn from your behavior, not words. 

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