What is Your Character? – Look at the Space Between Your Fingers

People can’t see their character in the mirror. Their friends are not really honest when they describe you as a person.

It’s really tough to see through that and finally discover your real character.

Someone believes in a different approach. I don’t really trust those people who tell you who you are by reading the stars or cards.

I can’t think of how they were called right now. It’s not important.

Completely different than that, there are these methods of discovering the character. I can’t say how reliable they are. It’s just nice to read something like this.

I saw some of you have interesting time reading this so, here we go again.

This time, I found something about your fingers. We saw what your nails say about you. Now, look at that space between your fingers.


Let’s talk about the gaps for a bit. According to this science, your personality depends of the gap between your fingers.

Big Gap

It says that your personality is opened as the gap you can see. You are straightforward with a free spirit.

You clearly know what’s important for you. You are being yourself all the time. Wasting energy to please others is a different world for you.

You don’t hide your feelings, which make you very pleasant person to be around.

Small Gap

These people are named as an interesting mixture. They know how to be very open to people. In fact, their general personality is just that.

However, they also know to keep things to themselves. They can be fun people to be around. They know how to have a great and relaxed time.

Being balanced all the time is what suits them best. Another great trademark for you is that you are a humorous person.

You tell jokes like no one in your company. People enjoy listening to what you say.

There you have it. What kind of a person are you according to this?

I am one of those interesting mixtures. Yup, I have a small gap.

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